New Muni Riders

Went out for my first real Muni ride today. I’ve been puttering around school fields, but this was out beside a river. Great day.

Anyway, I thought for those of us getting into Muni tips might be helpful.

Todays tip from me: Don’t grab the Hawthorn Tree when you are about to fall… just fall. :astonished:

I suspect this applies to a Cactus too. :smiley:

Don’t let your uni punch you in the junk!

I went on a 7 mile “out and back” on the Jones Creek trail in the Wilson River trail system yesterday… here’s what happened.

I was rolling through a very rocky/rooty part of the semi-technical single track when I rolled up onto a fairly big rock… my 3.8 Larry tire compressed under my weight and the rock… then my feet slipped off the pedal and my uni rocketed into my junk! :astonished:

It was such a comedy of errors… I wanted to laugh but…well… couldn’t :smiley:

There it is kids… “stay away from drugs” and don’t let your uni punch you in the “mommy daddy button”

I was in Joshua Tree National Park today and I can vouch!

Unfortunately this was without a unicycle… :frowning:

Oh, man! I went climbing at Joshua Tree a few years ago and had the worst luck with the cacti… every time I bent over to pick something up, I would impale myself on one :smiley:

It would seem that most of North America has something prickly that we shouldn’t grab on to. :stuck_out_tongue: