New Movie: Playin with Pallets...


Heres my unfinnished movie…I never seem to get around to finnishing my movies, and then i end up with like 10 unfinnished movies and the longer and longer i think about it the more and more i deside not to post it…anyhow…this time im posting it…most of it was filmed today…some yesterday(the parts with the blue tire), some is old bc stuff that never got posted…my 5 pallet hop…and just some junk i threw together. I how you like it…its pretty crap riding what its waht i can do.

later yall,

-The E man

heres da movie fools…bleh

Edit: oh yeah, the movie cuts off at 1:25 so you can close it after it goes blakc cuz thats all there is.

I like the artistic ending.

Haha, I said it wasnt finnished.

Great movie, that BC wheel stuuff was amazing, and it looks great with the 24" one. :slight_smile: Great work.

…now Tyler could have something mean to say about your movie, but I’m hoping he’s more mature than that.


it was good. i wish i could do stuff like that. i’m currently working on the seat-out stuff, riding backwards, and hopping/jumping higher than 2 1/2 inches.

now lets see that 7 pallet hop you said you can do!

I said iv got my tire up 7, i still can hardly make 6.

Put on a shirt.


you need to cut the music short to make your vid end when the action does. otherwise nicely done.

oh so that wasn’t just my computer…I was wondering…
yeah some cool stuff in there.

I thought you liked men with no shirts?

Tyler’s was much better


man evan that was actually pretty good. i liekd that gliding bit the best, probably cuz its my favorite thing to do. and as far as that bc wheelin stuff, ive never even attempted so im sure its hard. good video.

Men, not scrawny boys wit out skillz.

All the bc stuff is really old, i dont really bc anymore.

Really nice video, enjoyed the rolling hops, what I think was a crank flip and the foot plants. The BC “crank grab” was cool too

People, let’s not turn this thread into some flame fest or try to run down his video clip just because Evan complains in Tylers threads. Just ignore the drama and don’t feed the trolls :wink:

I dont think there were a crank flip more like a full back rev

anyway nice movie !

There are so many names out for that trick…



Back crankspin


360back rev

360 crankspin