New Movie: BC, Trials, Flatland stuff

Hey, I finished editing a movie and after a few hours of trying it finally uploaded.

The riders are: Me, Evan, Seth (trials biker), and Remmy but most of it is me:D .

You will have to download it since the gallery doesn’t stream quicktime.

Its 28.8mb and somewhere around 6 minutes long.

Music by fellow uni’er Paavo Stubstad, I needed the song to be a little bit longer but not enough longer to add a whole new song so I ‘edited’ it to try to extend it. I hope it doesn’t sound too bad. Sorry to Paavo for butchering up his music :roll_eyes:

Here is the link

Really guys, watch it, its sick.

I also tried opening it with VLC, which will open any media file, and it didn’t work.

Ah ok. I will see if I can fix it.

Actually, I will just resave it as a different kind of file and upload it again.

i just downloaded it and it’s playing in quicktime.


That video was INSANE. Loved the style. It was really fast paced loved some of the flare you had in there like the sharp 180 turn then body varial. Only one thing would be to keep the camera steady.

Nice video, your really improving.

Sweet video man!

I like that you uploaded it in quicktime so it gives the link to download it, cause my WMP has been messing up a lot.

Your riding was great, the 360s are looking a lot better, and are getting way smoother.

Nice, the 360s where sweet, that last fall was hilareous.

it’s not playing it for me:( I get sound but no video:( can you upload it on youtube or somewhere else?

tight video
I like the fall at the end :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: if you’re having problems download VLC media player from

I tried youtube, I am at Evan’s house and the internet really sucks…I am leaving in 10 minutes to go back home so I will try to put it up on youtube or in a different format in the gallery.

Hurry up, I wanna see your video. Your video’s are always awsome, maybe it’s just the BC’ing.

Nice. The ending was sooo funny! That looked painful. Anyway, what camera did you use to film that? The riding was nice and streetish and smooth. Also, who was that last guy and how long has he been riding for?

EDIT: I also like how it wasn’t crankflip spam :slight_smile:

Re: New Movie: BC, Trials, Flatland stuff

Spencer Hochberg enlightened us with:
> The riders are: Me, Evan, Seth (trials biker), and Remmy but most of
> it is me:D .

It’s wicked mate!


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For the people having troubles viewing it, do you have the latest version of quicktime? I had version 6, and upgraded to 7 and was able to watch it.

That or get VLC, its amazing.

Nice video, guys! I really dig how you and Kacy are coming along at the BC Wheel.

Spencer, what is that black bandage-like thing around your right calf? Do you find that it works better than an ace wrap?


kaycee doesnt ride a bc its his bro bryan


Yeah, that’s Bryan, not kaycee. He is crazyyy.

The black thing is an leg wrap. The wheel rubs my leg for control and to slow down. I used to wear ace bandages on my leg but they get frayed and messed up so that is a velcro closed neoprene wrap that Evan’s mom sewed up for me.

I have a .AVI version that I will try to upload to the gallery but its a big file (74mb and its pretty bad quality). I will let you know if it works.

yeah, sorry about that…i’m still a little high from being stoned earlier today:o