New Movie: BC, Trials, Flatland stuff

That was very good. I like the 360’s on BC, and the trials biking was a nice change of pace. I also really liked the music, it went very well with the riding. I wouldn’t have noticed that you edited the song if you hadn’t told us.

smoooth. i like how there wasnt as much set up hops. 360 bc fountain was nice. better music too.:slight_smile:

it is not working

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know, it won’t work for everyone. I am trying to make another version but the gallery and youtube both don’t want to let me upload it.

I am trying to fix it for everyone else…

Now on Youtube

Youtube sucks…I can’t get past 1:33 in the video.

hey thanks for fixing it

btw you are a realy good rider i realy like the bcing
and the smoothness of the whole movie

nice video Spencer. awesome riding from all of those guys.

i loved the music as well!

Like the movie says, The website to get to Paavo’s music is

He also has 2 albums forsale on Cafepress.

That was most impressive guys. Well done!

I too loved the bail at the end, it truly made an excellent movie :stuck_out_tongue:


edbo can i get the movie off you my downloads are strecthched and its gnna tke 3 hour to downlaod

That video is awesome :astonished:

that was even better than that there syko random crap vol.1!!!

i really can’t wait to ride with you in september, spence. you’re way out of my league, though. the second i get back from the franceland i’m practicing NONSTOP.

talk about inspiring.

couldnt land the 180 after the 540 unispin :stuck_out_tongue:

Ive done things like that before, you spend all your concentration on the hard things and then you got nothing left for things that should be easy for you.

that was soooooo awesome!!

your BC didn’t go into the fountain again :astonished:

you can hop so high on your BC now.

the bigenning and end made me laugh:)

Ha yeah, I wasn’t paying attention and my feet just slipped off those tiny cranks:p

We had another shot of a 540 unispin but I do a big corrective hop off the curb but then I unispun back to normal. The one in the movie looks better though.

haha, nice. are the koxx cranks really that hard to stand on?

I’m close to landing a 360 unispin, 540’s must be so much harder…

dod you get the hop up the table on your BC first try?

Those are midget tables, around 20"

ohh. it’s still a fairly high hop though.

Spence corrects me and says its 24"