New motorized unicycle with stabilizers

New motorized unicycle with stabilizers, the difference with this one is there are two stabilizers, one attached to each arm rather than the usual just one stabilizer attached to the frame with handlebars.


Unicycle with three wheels? :thinking:

You’ll soon get used to irony while browsing these fora;) .
same for sarcasm, I’m afraid:(

Yup, love the thinking behind it, but what length are those cranks?!?

Does it come in a 36?

Very cool concept vehicle. Not that I see the point of it as a vehicle, but the point of the project is good grades and attracting attention to the designer. It’s a concept vehicle for an industrial design program. It’s not an engineering project, it’s all about the design. It reminds me of the muscle-activated forklift from the movie Aliens, only much sleeker.

For my personal preference, too many wheels. :slight_smile:

that’s what you call a try-cycle! Try to ride it!:stuck_out_tongue:

I thought this thread would be about the enicycle