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Introduction to unicyclist forum. Jeff c. 52 years old. I’m in bardstown ky. Bourbon Capitol of the world. I have owned my 20 inch unicycle for 40 years. I have been riding it off and on thru the years. I recently picked up a couple new models from UDC 20 in KH and a 29 in KH. I have never had so much fun. And great exercise I rode the bike paths at the broad run/turkey run park in louisville over the weekend 8 mile round trip ride. That was my first real experience putting road miles on my 29. It was a blast. Looking forward to the next ride

Great to have you here, Jeff. Nice intro and congrats on the new wheels. I hope we get to hear more about your unicycling adventures.

Have you looked into mountain unicycling at all? I thought it was the dumbest idea ever when I first read about it, but I bought a used 26" muni intending to use the frame with a road wheel, and when I tried it off-road just to see, I was amazed at how much fun it was.

Keep 'em rolling!

Off road

Thank you. Yes. It amazes me to see what everyone is doing with the unicycle. I’m already looking at some off road trails. I never saw this coming. Great hobby. Great workout. I’m bouncing and hopping around. Really takng it the next level. Fun. Too bad not more local interest. Jeff c

Dude, what about the 24", 26", 27.5", 32" and 36" unicycles? Just kidding…you picked two good sizes. Good for practically any kind of riding. The 29 is going to be a joy to ride, but don’t neglect working on skills on the 20! Welcome to the forum!

Welcome Kwikkash! I’m wondering about your forum name. Do you perchance work at a payday loan establishment? :slight_smile:

Also, as a 40-year rider, I was wondering what your old uni is? Most common in those days was the Schwinn, but there were many other types out there. Welcome back to unicycling in the 21st century!

my old unicycle

My old uni is a cycle pro. Mom actually bought a different one at Sears first. 12th birthday. Almost immediately it was failing for quality issues. I remember I was seriously getting after it. It looked like I was actually going to ride it. She was able to return it to Sears. We went to an actual bicycle shop. And bought the cycle pro, chrome 20 inch extremely nice. Very proud 12 year old. Great mom. Then, It was a dozen years ago or so. My dad took this absolutely wore out beat up cycle pro and refurbished it. Birthday surprise. So. Here we are today. I am having a blast with these things. I never saw this coming. And it’s so amazing how many over 50 guys riding again. Fun

Pawn broker

Pawn broker 25 years. Small shop in my little town. I have been trying to move into more unicycling and less pawn broking. I have been very fortunate over the years. My real estate investments Are starting to mature. And I have always been able to keep good help at the store. I have an individual that is running the store now that is showing great potential. I work the store on his days off And yes, my 20 inch KH goes in with me. I get some great practice in the air conditioning.

Cool. Thanks for the history! I also started out on a Sears-type unicycle, based on what I call “Tricycle technology”. Basically using tricycle parts to build a unicycle and expecting it to hold up. The actual brand on mine was Troxel.

A 1977 Cycle Pro; I’m not even sure if I’ve seen any that old, or at least knew their age. Awful seat? They had some truly bad seats back then, where if you dropped them too much they would deform into leg-cutting shapes. Then I imagine cotter pins, but otherwise a solid, usable uni.

My broken Troxel was borrowed from a neighbor, who said I could keep it and not to worry. I had to wait a few years to get a “proper” unicycle so it sort of took me over three years to learn to ride. :astonished:

Welcome to the forum Kwikkash hope to see you post some pictures of where you ride in the future. :slight_smile:

Louisville unicyclists

Welcome to the forum Jeff. You’ll get lots of great advice here. Look me up on Facebook and I’ll add you to the Louisville Unicyclist’s group. Our most famous member is Asheville MUni fest champion Ben King. Watching him ride his KH29 off-road is an awe inspiring and humbling experience. I answered your PM with my cell phone number. Give me a shout and I’ll show you around our trails. Between the kids and I we have 7 unicycles and you are welcome to try them all including my Schlumpf geared 36er. Hope to see you soon. David Hood

Unicycle community

David. Thank you for the warm welcome. enjoyed the phone conversation. And the pics, it looks like we have been on the same trails at different times. I wonder if our unicycle paths would have ever crossed. It will be fun to hit the trails with other riders. This is a great forum. I’m so glad I stumbled across Great bunch of folks. Excited to be part of it. Jeff c

Louisville bicycle club event in bardstown ky

Not sure where to post this question …the louisville bicycle club is hosting the “old ky home bicycle tour” in Bardstown Ky Labor Day weekend. I usually see an occasional unicycle when the bicycle groups come to bardstown. Curious if any unicyclist will be in town that day. The bicycle event looks like fun. I do work Friday and Saturday, so I won’t make any of the bike events. But I do plan on popping around on the Uni after hours and some on Sunday. Just curious. It would be fun to meet another real live unicycle rider. Jeff c

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