New Long Jump Record

<a href=“3.17m=9’ 11.75"”>

i think that’s all i can really say… except that its not “official” … and watch in high quality mode so you can see the tape measure.

:astonished: that’s awsome!!! i did 7’6" and i find that awsome…how do you feel when you done a 9’11" long jump?:slight_smile:

uh… i made that?
SWEET, i wonder how big it is. (i thought it was bigger)

It’s not only not “official”, it’s not done in the conditions required to qualify for a record. To qualify for a world record, you have to jump over a stick on the ground, not compress your tire into the edge of a pit.

Well I have to say it doesn’t look like he touches the end of the pit. But I don’t really care if it’s official or not…that jump was pretty sick. Great job

thats still 6" or 27 cm farther than the old record (2.9(5?)m), and actually, you have to jump over 2 sticks.
also, i cleared the whole thing; I didn’t do any fudging on takeoff or landing.


Still impressive though. Further than I can jump for sure.

The official world record is 3.00m from Nico Wobig.

He did that during a comp near Ulm in Germany.

never heard that one, but this one is still farther.

Thats cause nobody reads what german post in the unicyclevideo forum :wink:

ok cool, i didn’t find that one, i did several searches, but never put longjump as one word.

Try jumping with sticks.

it won’t be any more official than this one, and its a pain.

its still the longest measured jump, and thats enough for me.

maybe i’ll do that once i hit something bigger…
but for now it’s what it is.

You are a super jumper

Great job !:slight_smile: I take your word for it, but it would look more definitive to have a closer camera placement for the landing.

I am sure you will go well over 10’ soon. Take the change out of your pockets ! and use only 1/4 size shoe laces.:slight_smile:

A great accomplishment IMHO. I don’t know anything about the rules, but I can’t recall seeing anything better.

Because you can’t claim it’s the “world record” when the way you’re doing it is actually much easier than the conditions under which the world record was set. Maybe I could beat Usain Bolt’s 100m time if I were running down a steep enough grade, but that’s not interesting.

fine, then call it the world record gap if you want, its still never been done before, stop being a politician about it.


that is really impressive ,ignor the jealous responses from a fat balding forty year old .

It looks realy awsome but I agree completly with tholub. The biggest problem is that not many people have enough gaps in there towns to try to beat it. The stick method is not perfect at all but at least everybody has the same conditions (and I am pretty sure that 3m with the stick method is something like 3.2m if you just have to clear a gap).

Hahaha, I like that one.

But to Skrobo: awsome job dude, realy impressive gap :astonished:

Amazing, doesnt matter if it is an oficial record or not, what matters is that you did it.