New Koxx One Street/Trial Frame

Hi Every one !

I’m really happy to announce you that the The Rail Hunter, the new Koxx one Street/Trial Frame will be ready in a few days !

Aluminium 7005 T6
Stronger thank’s to a new jamb with internal reinforcing .
New dropout system designed by Koxx One.
CNC reinforcing plates

The 24" and 24" will also come quickly …

whats the price on these puppies?

a arm and a leg

Those frames look amazing! I really like the paintjobs!

The dropout system looks interesting. I can’t really tell from the picture, how do they open?

Those star-shaped logos would make nice belt buckles.

oh? I didn’t realise you had access to koxx pricing information!

Those frames look niiiiice though, loving the QR holders and the paintjob is pretty cool, wonder what it’ll look like on an actual uni! :slight_smile:

Sexy looking frames!

But I don’t quite see the point of having qr holders for a 20 inch street unicycle…

The QR frames look cool but I would see that it would become loose.

If don’t see the pint of having those on a 20" frame, you probably don’t see it for 24", 26", 29" and 36" either?

Well not really. If the frame wasn’t round, like the kh frame, it could be used for flatland too, and you could then switch up the street wheel with a flatland wheel easily. ( I used to do this, and it was kind of annoying with the alien backflip bearing holders )

But for the bigger wheels I think they’d be great for people who do distance and muni, because you could then use one frame and two wheels, and switching them would be really easy.

Who gets the most flats? Probably Trials and Street riders. Seems to me that the QR bearing holders would be great for quickly swapping out a tube.

It’s just too bad about those stress risers, erm, I mean head badges.

well I love those quick releasing clamps!! certainly for my 20" uni :stuck_out_tongue:
when I have to change tires, I really hate it to really my clamps :stuck_out_tongue: takes to long!!
and flat tires happen quite often with trial and street :wink:

  • why wouldn’t we make it easyer? I don’t think it cost much more…

edit: those frames look so hot!!

Good point!

I haven’t had a flat in a while, so I hadn’t thought of that.

dont like them:D

They’re very pretty frames, but a bit too excessive around the crown for my liking.

The price of this fantastic toy: 199 €

thats actually pretty good…only like 70 more than a KH unicycle on UDC canada…i thought it’d be a lot more. i might consider buying this frame if i can get it in canada:)

£176.59p :astonished: Hope they look better on a built up unicycle :slight_smile:

Sorry, I think they look better painted than naked, but I still don’t like them. The welds near the crown just look trashy to me (from an aesthetic standpoint) But it is always nice to see new product being made. I still love my K1 uni’s :slight_smile:

The QR bearing holders are a good advancement, the number of times ive got a flat and not had the right size Allen wrench.