New Koxx freestyle.

I don’t know if there’s a thread about it aldready but anyway.
Koxx has a new freestyle unicycle, or at least a new frame.
It’s made of aluminium so it should be pretty light.

I’m thinking about getting that frame for my freestyle but on the Koxx1 it says it costs 175 Euro and I don’t know if I want to spend that much…

Check the pic!

That grippy crown thing is ripped from the new KH frame, but it’s a cool frame.
But it’s only good for freestyle and not trial.

I ride a few minutes on it (stand up). Yes the crown is realy grippy, but it hurts my feets, because the frame is higher on the corners and my feet stand only on the corner of the frame. I personaly like the old siegmono (or semcycle i think it is the same) long neck frame the most.

Yes, its a freestyle unicycle… And I still think it would be really strong, although not wide enough for a trials tyre.

Looks really nice, I like the way Koxx is going.


The frame looks gorgeous, but appart from that I have my doubts.

Like Lutz I like a flat top for standup stuff. I wonder how long it will take to break the aluminum seatpost (I killed several steel seatpost on my freestyle uni, not to mention my alu trial seatpost). Apart from that there seems to be nothing special on this uni, not even a splined hub like on the new Qu-ax.

A truly flat crown alu frame with such a grippy pattern, now that might be something! Still I would love to try the Koxx frame, at least they are trying something new. I also heard that one of the Koxx-sponsored freestyle riders liked the frame alot.

And KH’s grippy crown thing was ripped from the DM Ringmaster Advanced. :roll_eyes:

The Koxx-One frame looks a lot like a DM Ringmaster Advanced, except that the frame is aluminum instead of steel.

if that thing comes w/ the pink lady, i know what my next freestyle is gonna be

OK that I didn’t know:D
Forgive me please:p

Just making sure we get some historical perspective. :wink:
I doubt that DM was the first to make a frame with a knurled crown tube. Everything old is new again.

I was a little incorrect. The frame is actually more like the DM Ringmaster Advanced Custom. The Custom frame had a flat crown like the Koxx-One does. The regular Ringmaster Advanced had a slightly sloping crown.

Peter, I don’t know about Mike, but I forgive you…

I think for all of you who like 20" splined street unis with skinny tires this would be awesome. combine this with maxxis hookworm, alex triple wall rim, koxx 110 or 125 splined cranks and splined hub, nimbus gel saddle, koxx clamp, KH seat post, torker LX pedals, drool :roll_eyes:

is it availble in the US?

Wonderful, I am glad to see Koxx is still doing something but its about time they started producing some Cranks to replace my busted ones instead of making some new frame that no one needs.


Sorry about that just I’m sick of riding with my pedals on an angle. It is nice to see that Koxx is producing some pretty sweet stuff though. This frame looks very similar to the high end miyata frames.

I’ve only seen farely crappy miyata frames. They make nice ones?

also, Does anyone know where I can get this in the U.S.?

where are they selling this?

Calm down Miles…

here is one place, I don’t even know what country it is though, I will guess France:)

sorry. thanks for the link. I wanted people to see it:D

they don’t sell only the frame:( I guess I can wait a bit…

Boy sure is a purdy one. Almost makes me wanna give up trials:D

They DO sell only the frame in that shop! Click this link

The frame is 170 euro plus shipping(roughly $220) :astonished: so it won’t be cheap to buy one…

oh, I didn’t see that. I need to work on my french more. They ship to U.S. though?