New KH20SE model

Hey All,

Check out the new KH20SE - perfect for training…

If you fill your tire with water you never get pinch flats…

April’s Fool?

Cross fingers so I won’t be fooled. :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of the world started April Fools Day before California… :sunglasses:

Cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Very solid and nice looking. Is it suitable for girl who weighs 22 kg? Her first bike is also very heavy and thus stable. Thanks.

This might be quite good on the moon actually…:wink:

Where do i order on?

All kidding aside, those all black spirits look pretty sweet.

April fool people!
Seriously who in the world is going to buy a 37 pound unicycle?

Just wait until i finish “Mr Big and Tall” 37 lbs might be light compared to that future masterpiece.

Wouldn’t buy this, but training with a heavier unicycle is definitely a great workout and a great way to become a better unicyclist. Once you switch back to your light unicycle, you fly away…

Yep, I know.

But the KH20SE makes you faster on DH.

Haha! This is even funnier than last year’s April Fool’s joke! :stuck_out_tongue:

Until I read that it was ‘balance enhancing’ and ‘milled from aluminium’ I actually thought, only for a second, that ‘UBrew’ was a real product.

It needs a disc brake.

A drum brake would add even more weight, so you might be able to talk Kris into going that route.

By the way, Happy April 1st to you Kris.

Thats why I’m learning trials on a half 2005 KH half Nimbus unicycle. I don’t know what the thing weighs, but I’d guess its about 17 pounds.

And a large marge rim with 72h and 5g spokes! :smiley:

Spokes? I think you mean solid steel/tungsten/lead disk!