New KH shipment at Bedford Unicycles


Yesterday I helped Darren move his new Kris Holm order (100 boxes!). Some of the things in the boxes include new seats with softer foam which look more like the old miyata seats. They are available in black and “Bedford Orange” too! I took some photos of the new seats .

The order also had frames to be sold individually in 20”, 24” and 29”, the new KH gloves, and there are also hubs and cranks, also to be sold individually.


oh boy!


uhg… im kind of a forum newbie… whats bedford…web site?

bedord Is the most badass unicycle sales ever! darren bedford is the owner of that badass company!

later, Zack

that black/orange KH seat is hot…but for serious, someone really needs to make a green one. that would be great.

how much are the frames going to be?

uhg… im kind of a forum newbie… whats bedford…web site?

Bedford Unicycles is a Canadian unicycle distributor, based in Toronto. As Zach said it is owned and operated by Darren Bedford. As Zach also said Darren is a great guy. He sells quality unicycles and you’ll be able to get just about anything uni related from him - from whole unicycles, bc wheels, parts, videos to really cool t-shirts. Although he is based in Canada he ships worldwide.

Basically the ‘bedford experience’ is one everyone will enjoy.


dude those seats kick ass


do the new kh seats still have the shitty base?


I’m sure that Darren will put a cf base on one for you if you pay for it.


i got the awesome news this morning in Email. the iceing on the cake would be a sudden delivery of Defect.

either way i cant wait to open my box of goodies and build up a new muni. Summers almost over and riding season will begin again for this wet/cool weather lover.


thinner foam?

Re: New KH shipment at Bedford Unicycles

Consider yourself lucky, our box count was over 1400! and guess when everyone goes on holiday… yes Miark was in Slovenia and Leigh was in Kiddy. Simon is a star though, he stayed and helped. But my back hurts now.


Re: New KH shipment at Bedford Unicycles

“the new KH gloves”

So, are the “new KH gloves” really new or are they “new” as in additional / more?