Lets talk about saddles

hey i was browsing on unicycle.com for a new saddle. there are a range of different saddles on the market, which have no idea about…

udc gel saddle
koxx gel saddle
kris holm fusion saddle
kris holm seat
miyata saddle
onza saddle kh type
qu-ax saddle
viscount saddle
velo freestyle saddle

which one should i buy…

well it depends on what type of riding you do…if trials get the koxx gel or the KH fusion and cut the foam down.

They are all good for different types of riding. What type of riding are you looking to do with it? Freestyle? Muni? Trials?


or just get the KH gel… i belive its thinner.

i want a really comfy seat that wont kill my gooch

indeed it is…i dont like using gel saddles for trials…id rather just cut the foam on a reg one. i dont sit on my seat enough to worry abotu comfort. plus i dont want to ruin such an expensive seat on a hard biff…im probly just gonna get a cf seatbase…then all i have to realisticly worry about is seat covers and foam which is cheap.

and chimpo…you still havent told us what type of riding you do so we can give you an accuarte analasis

Both are pretty much the same. Thinner foam than regular Velo saddle.

Velo saddle, both the same, except the fusion has a removable cover (which means you can do anything you want with the padding inside.)

A decent saddle, but the Velo saddles are better, IMO.

Velo saddle, same as the regular KH above.

No idea on how good this one is.

Not recommended, but some people like it.

Similar in thickness to the gel saddles, but uses the regular foam instead of having a patch of gel foam in the front. Also has handleless bumpers, which are fine for freestyle or trials use, but not for long distance uses (muni, tours).

For freestyle, get one of the thinner ones (gel or freestyle). Trials, any of the velo ones. Muni or long distance, any of the velos with handles.

I like it, it’s thinner than a standard KH. Not too comfortable for sitting on, but fine for trials and street.

For sitting on comfortabillity, I’d say a gel seat or KH fusion.

Not too comfortable to sit on? Well, isn’t that like the biggest consideration in a seat?

Haven’t you heard? It also has to mow the lawn, do your homework, and cure cancer. Kris Holm is designing one right now.

well, i like the viscount because it’s super stiff without an after market plate. and thin for sif. i think it’s more comfortable than a standard torker seat, but less comfortable than almost everything else.

Don’t we all. :roll_eyes:
That ideal saddle does not exist.

The saddle situation is getting much better though. We now have stock saddles that are much better than what we could get just five years ago. But to make a good saddle now still requires custom modifications to make them more comfortable or better suited to your needs. Modifications like cutting the foam, adding a carbon fiber base, changing the handle, converting to an air seat, etc. The comfy seat is a never ending quest.

No offense but, are you a guy or a girl? And what is a gooch?

I bought one of the thin, soft orange KH seats from Darren Bedford last summer for my 50 mile ride, and it was great. I would recommend you get that seat with the rail adapter so you can set the tilt angle exactly where you want it.

See this post for pictures:


rite, im a guy, with dreadlocks, and a gooch is the space between your anus and scrotem.

im am thinking of buying the onza seat, kh model . People say theres too much padding in the kh seats but hey its better than a learner seat, and at only 18 quid its good value for money too.

wat do u guys n girls think,? ne one own one? , are they comfy?

The Scott Wallis carbon fiber air seat is about as close to perfection as you’ll ever find, but it’s costly–but well worth the money if you can afford it and if you ride rough terrain stuff on a regular basis.