New KH armour- get 'em while they're hot

Hi All,

The new KH softshell leg and arm armour has been shipped to Bedford Unicycles, and

It turned out really well, with some good unicycle-specific improvements over 661 or Roach softshell armor.

All of the armor was hand-made in Vancouver, and the production run was very limited (100 pairs of leg armour and 50 pairs of arm armor).

Likely will never be hand made in Canada again, due to high expense of production. So get 'em while their hot, before they go the way of Telford Unicycles…

Here are some details on the armour:

Leg Armor.

 Canadian-made 1200 denier Senior Ballistics Nylon. This is expensive but better quality than the Ballistics nylon on the new offshore-made Roach pads, and FAR more durable than the fabric on 661 pads
 Good articulation at the knee to the bent-knee position required for riding and hopping.
 Padding extends around the inside of the knees to protect against impacts with the fork crown or tire
 Single plastic piece in the knee provides protection without reducing flexibility
 Straps around the back of the knees start on the inside and secure on the outside to reduce the likelihood of snagging them on the fork crown or tire, which happens with Roach or 661.
 A webbing “tendon” connects the plastic in the knee with the front shin plastic (hidden under the fabric cover). This prevents the knee padding from sagging down over the shin with extended use.
 The fabric wrapping around the back of the leg is one-piece with the front, eliminating the seams along the inside that wears out on Roach and 661. It stops at the top of the calf to provide protection without irritation behind the knees, and is also open along the outside edge of the calf to increase ventilation.
 Thin padding around the ankle bone area provides some protection and keeps the armour from sliding down your leg.
 Underneath the ballistics cover, foam tape protects the inside plastic shin piece from cutting through the face fabric, which is is a problem on both Roach and 661 pads

Arm Armor:
 Articulated elbows for increased flexibility
 Plastic in forearm only (not elbow) for protection without reduced flexibility
 Webbing tendons cover elbow and forearm plastic pieces for increased durability.

All together now…


Sounds good I guess. Any idea what the cost might be? I can’t see them on the website yet, Roaches are $70, will it be more than that? I don’t think I hit my shins often enough to need them, but I might have to order some while they are hot, rather than buying 661s or Roach pads. Thanks for making an effort to improve on existing designs Kris!

yes, and what about sizes?
i want to order them right away!
Thanks Kris!

Well timed! I have just begun to notice my roaches are splitting at the seams and too small for me. Allo the paddoing on the knee is inadaquate.

$o, how much??

Yeeah! thanks for the heads up. Me and my shins thank you.

Sizes and prices should be around the same as the original Canadian-made Roach pads.

In terms of the level of knee protection, they are half way between DH Roach pads and soft-knee Roach Dual slalom pads

The Roach DH and 661 pads have hard plastic in two pieces over the knee, one strip over the patella and another bigger piece higher up. I took out the higher up one which greatly increases flexibility, and I don’t think it decreases protection too much because there’s still plastic over the top of the knee. They also extend slightly higher above the knee than the Roach pads.

If you tend to fall extremely heavily on your knees I’d suggest you consider other pads with bigger bulky plastic knee protectors, but for the majority of riders, I think they represent a good compromise between protection and comfort.


This is horrible timing! I just got a pair of 661 leg armour yesterday to tide me over till the KH armour is available. Now what am I going to do with my brand new 661 armour? This is horrible. :angry:


You can always sell them to people on the forums.

What is the time table on the new clothing line?

I can vouch for this new design. Kris was nice enough to sell me legs and arms plus legs for Beau a while ago to test and we’ve been loving them. They are just right for unicycling.

Kris, people don’t say this enough: THANK-YOU for all your product development. We’re all benefiting so much.


Nathan, thanks for the vote of confidence on the armour; I’m glad it’s working out for you and Beau.

Now that the armour is done I’m going to start working on some cool clothing, in particular shorts and jerseys. Hopefully something will be available by next spring.


Nah, it’s OK. I already used the 661 armour today so it’s no longer new. I don’t really mind. I just found it quite funny that I bought new armour one day before Kris announces his new armour is available.

BTW, I’m spelling “armour” with the “ou” to honour the products Canadian roots. :slight_smile:

gaaahh! Right after I bought some new Roach arm armour…

Great stuff Kris, sounds like you’ll be busy for a while to come putting out more great stuff. Thanks again and keep it up, I need a good KH jersey.


Actually, i have a question for Kris. I thought about this awhile back and i meant to ask it earlier.

You designed the KH saddle, right? It’s a really nice and popular saddle. It’s actually the only saddle i own, mostly from money concerns.

Anyway, i noticed that i don’t think i have ever seen you use it, in your photos anyway. You seem to have a miyata airseat on all of your unis. Now, if you designed it… why don’t you use it? Yes, it has some problems, but nothing too bad. I got used to it just fine.

Just wondering

oh but i just got 661’s

i just got 661 about a month ago but they were only £25 instead of the £40 on i am not spending more money on more pads my pads are good i find them a little constricting to wear all the time but for muni and trials they are great but i am looking forward to the shorts as my shorts rub sometimes and i hate cycling shorts what is the rrp on the shorts going to even if it is a ruff guide also am i the only one who much perfers wearing a pair of shorts they a pair of long tousers (pants)
thanks ben

hey john and knowfear, how much you wanna sell me that arm and leg armor for :wink: ? not that i can afford it, or even an apple, or even the oxygen i’m breathing, but i could use some of that and some active ankles while we’re at it.

well, my soft, easily destroyed skin and organs will have to suffice as armor for now. i’ll be looking out for that clothing though. also, are these going to still be made, just not in canada? and when should we expect those?

I do use it now. It took awhile though, because I prefer to ride with a bike seatpost and KH rails bracket, and the rails bracket only recently became available. I’ve got a KH seat on my Coker and my KH24, but a Carbonfibre seat on my trials uni until I get another bracket.


So has anybody taken these for a test drive? It sounds like these are a big improvement over existing leg armor, but I’d like to hear some reviews.