New KH armour- get 'em while they're hot

when can i buy them from i want them asap!! they sound awesome, o yea and kris i saw a pic of you using them a while back, how are they?

I’m using just these now, and I like them a lot. The only thing is that if you have really big calfs, the wrap around the back may not be big enough to cover your entire calf (will leave a gap on the outside).

Unless you are really concerned about full-coverage, my feeling is that this is actually quite nice because you still have some protection where you need it, but also some ventilation along the spot you’re probably least likely to hit.


thanks kris i cant wait to get them!!! does anyone know when they’ll come out on

The’ve been shipped, so I assume it’s just a matter of them getting them into the system and up on their site.


Hello all,

I got a set of the KH leg armour this morning, which arrived a week from when I ordered them from Darren Bedford (thank you Darren!!!). Here are a few comments based on a 2-hour ride:

  • They are VERY comfortable! The attachment straps are in just the right places (no chafing just under the back of the knee). I especially liked the way they are shaped to fit best when your knees are slightly bent. They can be tightened up to feel good and secure - a great confidence booster - and still be quite comfortable.

  • There is a gap of maybe 2-3 cm at the back of the mid-calf, as Kris mentioned. I was worried about this at first since my Wellgo pins have developed a taste for human calf flesh, but there’s ample protection since the gap is to one side and not down the middle of the calf. It was a cool day (8 deg C) with drizzle and wind, and my legs were warm (not hot). I think on a hot summer day you’d be glad for that open area (if you live somewhere that has summers that get hot…) so it’s not a problem.

  • The quality of the materials and the construction is top-notch. My legs will probably wear out before the armour does.

Thanks a lot Kris for all the effort you put into getting these designed and made! Also thanks for sending some to Darren, so I could buy them with my “northern pesos” and avoid the customs and exchange claptrap.



Is there still going to be a carbon fibre KH seat that i heard about a while back? if so how much is it likely to cost?

thanks, iain.