New jumping technique idea I have

Recently I have been thinking about how the sport of unicycling has been massively growing and expanding in many different ways, with the new big tricks people are pulling off and the insanely high jumps I see people managing to pull off. I have also lately been watching a few freerunning/parkour videos and noticed the different techniques used in there sport to help them jump higher or longer.

The main technique I see is how they use there upper body strength to create extra momentum in jumping. For example when they jump over an obstacle they might go over it like a superman, and push on the obstacle with there hands to keep them in the air longer, thus allowing them to travel the longer distance and clear the object. Another one being how they push down on a ledge when jumping up it to help pull there body up over it, and by this I don’t mean when they are holding onto a ledge and sitting there for a while before they pull themselves up.

So my idea was to see if it was possible to incorporate this idea into unicycling. So say if someone was trying to hop up some high height they might pull the unicycle out from underneath them and place it on the obstacle, then by pushing down on the unicycle they can pull themselves up. Of course no contact with the object would have to be made which would also make it a bit harder. It would also have to be done in one continuous smooth motion.

The only real problem I see would be the transition from moving the unicycle out from underneath you placing it on the obstalce, because the higher the height the further the unicycle would have to travel.

This might be a completely stupid idea but oh well I was curious to see what some other people thought. So any discussion would be aprreciated, or if this has been talked about else where that I have missed, a link would be nice.

Isn’t that what people do already? Joe Hodges for example, he tilts his wheel towards the ledge and sort of pulls himself up by leaning his weight over the top of the ledge.





I think what he means is that while you are in mid air you take the uni out from underneath you, place it somewhere ahead of you, push of from it so as to get some more distance. then place it back under you before landing. I could be wrong…

The unicycle wheel would roll and you’d fall…

Eh, no offense, but your idea sounds completely ridiculous :wink:

I’ll be very surprised if ANYONE could get this to work, unless I am simply misunderstanding you…

Isn’t that what they said about jumping 100 cm?

It’d be like doing a superman no footer, but doing it UP, not DOWN, or on FLAT.

Eh, even that being said, hell, give it a try! A guy did a frontflip on a uni, so, right now, everythings possible

and doing a frontflip?
i think this is useless…

Hey, if this even has a remote chance of improving unicycle hops then you’re the one to try it:p

Though I agree. It’s just not practical if you’re not on foot.

it would help with roller blades, and a few trick possibilites on a uni come from thinking about it… but its not practical IMHO… you don’t have enough mobility …
i do use walls/corners/posts/poles to push off of in the air to do 360s sometimes just because it feels awesome.

I read this and all I thought of was pedal grabs.

Just because something very possible was done doesn’t mean every crazy idea is. I don’t really understand what he means 100%. Does he mean us the unicycle as a tool to push off of something? That sounds crazy.

I do know what he is talking about, just to clear that up.

I see it possible, to jump, grab the wheel to the object and then pull yourself back to the pedals. It would have to be very quick, and we would need brakes on the uni to lock the wheel. I think we all have leaned on our uni and had the wheel slip out from us, and I wouldnt want that while trying to jump up something and me putting all my weight and more onto a wheel and have it slip.

Yes I do agree it sounds impractical but I still rekon it would be worth a try. I would give it a go but i believe that to make it possible you would need a high pre hop, and as far as my prehops go there pretty non existant.

The idea I had would be that you would place one of your hands on the wheel of the unicycle (up close to the frame), this would act as the brake and hopefully prevent the unicycle from slipping.

That would require such an impossible ammount of upper body srenth and speed. I would be very impressed if someone could actually do this.

It’s good to come up with ideas like this though, even if they are impossible, because occasionally one might just work.

Hmmmmm…This has got me thinking.You know how sometimes you might have a hard time recovering from a big hop.Maybe if you stick the leg facing towards the object out and off the pedal acting as a second hand.It might make good balance but it would only work if you were sitting all the way down on the tyre or had no weight on the other pedal.

Say you jump Sif and then lay your unicycle on an object higher up holding it sideways (in a very fast motion of course), then pull yourself up only holding the unicycle much like you would if you didn’t have the unicycle. Would this be legal in trial competitions if your only touching the unicycle? But more importantly if anyone understands this would it be practical for highest hop onto an object?

It probably wouldnt be allowed because its not the normal way of hopping.It would be like trying to pedal grab in a high hop contest

But I’m guessing as long as you don’t touch the ground your still technically on the uni.

Meh maybe…It would count if only the tyre touched the object for sure.I think it wouldnt get you any higher than doing it the normal way because you would lose a bit of momentum planting it on the object.It wouldnt look as good either.You should try it and show us how it works