New Guni Hour World Record- 29.993km

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know I broke Jan Longemanns Geared Unicycle Hour Record today.

The new record is 29.993km

I rode 74 laps (406.55m/lap) in 1:00:11

The calculation is based on the UCI Track Hour Record formula (available on the UCI website).

It was a second slower than my two practice runs where I rode 30.003km, so I was a little bit gutted But oh well…it was windy and I didn’t have the legs today :slight_smile:

Good luck to the guy that breaks 30km!


When Sam Wakeling did his 24 hour record we were constantly calculating what distance his lap times would give, which could help you (or whoever) next time.
Sorry you didn’t quite make the 30km but at least you got the new record!

Well done Ken. That is jolly fast.


Good work Ken. Another World Record under your belt must feel pretty good.

I guess the sooner someone else beats the 30km barrier, the sooner you can go for this again :smiley:


Well done Ken!
You could’ve done another 7 metres though to make it a nice round 30km - useless :wink:


Cool, Ken! That’s a hot record now. This has been a good week for big jumps in world records - first Usain Bolt (100m in 9.58s), now Ken Looi.



Was that with a 24" wheel?

Well done Ken!

Nice Ken!
Must’ve been gutted that you were 7 Meters off :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice job. That’s quite fast!

Sorry: non-unicycle reference. He’s a Jamaican runner, who beat his own 100m world record by a big margin last Sunday.

Hay Ken,
Congatulations. I knew You could do it.

Congratulations Ken, well done !! I’m sure you’ll do an official 30km soon :slight_smile:

Congratulations Ken, well done. So Jan should be motivated to break the 30 km soon :smiley:
The old record was 27.563km so even if Ken don’t break the 30km border he ad nearly 2,5 km which is amazing. I will update our WR list today.

well done! congratualations!! that’s very fast.

“turtle’s V” 36" geared will be ready in a month or two…maybe i’ll be up for some records… :roll_eyes:

Congratulations. Sorry you didn’t meet your goal but a WR was still made today and that is a huge accomplishment that most of the world will never make.

Great Job Ken! Just shy of 30km, that’s quite alright! You guys are really inspiring me to possibly lace my KH/Schlumpf hub to a 36er someday! That is smoking fast! I thought I was moving when I averaged ~14.5 mph for 6 miles the other day on my Unguni 36er w/ 125mm cranks! But ~30km? wow!

Good work mate!

Or know of? Was there some publicity surrounding the attempt, Ken? I got the impression that there was. It would be fun to read about.


Thanks for all the messages everyone. I’ll post a full write up and photos tomorrow.

I just did a back-of-the envelope calculation…I was doing 48-49s laps.
At 406.55m/lap, I was riding at about 8.5m/sec

I literally missed 30km by 1 second :astonished:

If only the surveyor had rounded up his measurements to 407m/lap :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job Ken! So that is about 18.64 mph averaged.

That is a pretty fast pace to keep up! I bet with some more practice and experimentation with gear you can push it to above 20miles. I want to find a track and see what numbers I can put out.

Insane my man! you are incredibly fast! I need to build back up my geared 36 and start riding long distances again…