New Fall'08 KH products available

Cool Kris!

I must say that the rollos disks really help a lot (I´m with the prototypes)! Can’t wait to get the final product! Will be really cool to take them off to ride street and trials and put them on to ride flat!

I am excited for the discs! Yay!

Yes there will be some price increases. The cost of production has gone way up this year.


Dang. Darren was right than.

Oh well, ill be buying some of those disks, cause they are sweet. Motivate me to do Flat.

Finnaly a reason for me to get moments. Cool beans.

any colors?That would be awesome.

Cool beans. Heard that and I like it! (The rollo discs too, ill buy some)

UDC USA Rollo Price


Seemes fair. Anyone ever thought about an integrated seatpost clamp? That would be cool on a kh frame, and not that hard to do either :slight_smile:

Personally I have broken at least 4 clamps. If that was part of my frame Id be pretty pissed.

I havnt broken any clamps but yea bad idea IMO, what would the advantage be?

You’ve broken 4 KH double bolt clamps? I’m pretty surprised. Of course they can break if you simply cranked the bolts until the thing broke, but that force shouldn’t nearly be necessary to keep the saddle from twisting.


Yeah, I don’t see how you can break seat post clamps.

Well, I guess I have actually stripped one(not a kh), and I think I may have used a slightly smaller allen wrench, which perhaps ruined the bolt which made it so I can’t tighten or loosen it, but I’m not sure if that actually happened (I know I destroyed a few allen wrenches that way, but i’m not sure about clamps).

Nope, I have not broken 4 KH clamps. The clamps that I have broken are typically single bolt clamps that get stretched out to far until the whole thing fails. The other problem is tearing the threads out.

Pele reminded me that the 4th clamp, didnt actually break it was the bolts that got messed up.

I take full blame from breaking the clamps. Its my own over tightening that does it. However If I go out to ride without tools I cant have my seat twisting on bails.

Aluminum threads scare me, and my point was that if that part can be disposable, then all the better.

EDIT: Honestly I like clamps with a steel nut to tighten into. I have not tried threaded inserts, but that seems like an okay option. … and while we are on the topic of clamps. I think a more rounded profile in the back is the way to go. I hate hitting my knees on the sharp corners.

Great that the Rollo disks are now on the market. Up to now all riders that test them have no trouble with their ankle. They all thought before that it will kill the ankle but it never happen. I also get no feedback that they make trouble in Street or Trial but we will get much more results. All proto types was with customized Crank screws as Kris wrote so that was the only reason for trouble with the TI bolts. It will fit to every Moment Crank so feel free now to start Flatland on a 36 :smiley: The KH Unicycles are now extremely flexable for every kind of riding and I just finish the KH08 longneck Freestyle for my daughter :smiley:
So move to the next step of unicycling and order your set of Rollo Disks NOW!!!

I also break some KH double bolt Seat clamps and I change to the single bolt now cause it works much better for me. I also must smile while reading the Seat Clamp test in the Uni Mag cause the winner of test was the type I broke mostly. It’s over tightening for sure. Again, I recommend single bolt clamps very much !!!

do these affect trials or grinding in any way? I imagine pedal grabs could be effected and based on the durability of the disks, crank grinding would be affected as well

I don’t hear about any Problems up to now, maybe Fredrik could answer that question much better cause he is more in trials and street and he also use them since Unicon now. For Crank grabs its more comfortable :wink: For Pedal grabs it could result in problems but they are mounted and dismounted in around 30 seconds.
Maybe Kris should hand out a pair to Kelly to street them to death :smiley:

Looking forward to the rollo-disks, although I would be worried about hitting my ankles… when are they going to be out in the U.K? and how much?

EDIT: Just read the bit about them filling out the 10mm flare… my bad… I’m definately saving up for them, after I get my trials

Good stuff. I was hoping for 137/114mm cranks but 127/110 sounds good to me. I guess I will have to that that little bit stronger :slight_smile:

I was wondering what these rollo disks were that people were talking about. Looks like a great idea.

I stripped out a freestyle clamp by tightening it maybe half a rotation more than I meant to. It’s now one bolt and the seat always slowly drifts to the left when I’m practicing unispins.

Kind of annoying.