New Fall'08 KH products available


I’m happy to say that a few new KH products are just arriving now. They include:
-New Moment Crank lengths, 110 mm and 110/127 double hole
-New Rollo Disk

The 110 and 110/127 cranks have a wider, deeper cutaway in the back to reduce weight. The 110 mm version has a steel pedal insert. The 110/127 versions are threaded without steel inserts to reduce weight and because the holes are too close together to fit inserts. The 110/127 size combines the most popular lengths for distance touring.

The Rollo disk makes crankrolls and similar tricks much easier on Moment cranks by creating a wider platform to stand on while staying out of the way of your ankles. A lot of you know about this component because Spencer and some Team UTV riders have been testing the prototypes for a while. Attached is a prototype photo; production photos will be posted soon.



Looks nice, I probably will get rollo disks.

Prices please?
Also do you know about when UDC will have them in stock?

Looks great!

I’m assuming they aren’t compatible with 07s though?

The Rollo disks are compatible with any Moment cranks. Part of the objective here was to make something that helped with flat riding without requiring riders to buy new specialized cranks.


Cool, can’t wait until they’re up on UDC (or maybe I will and just decide to get them on Christmas.)


Will there be a normal 127mm crank ?

When will the rollodisks make it to Bedford ?



EDIT: Will the rollodisks fit the KH ti hub ? I wouldn’t see why not, but i’ve heard some talk about them not being able to. ?

Awesome stuff! How much are the rollo disks going to be and how much different are the production ones compared to the prototypes?

Spencer’s mentioned the rollo disks a few times and I was about to make some custom.
(EDIT: just noticed that you put that in the first post :roll_eyes: )

Definite purchase from me:)

There won’t be a 127 mm crank because there’s already a 125 mm crank. The only reason it’s 127/110 instead of 125/110 is that there has to be sufficient space between the bolt holes.

As for the Ti hub, there’s no connection between the Rollo disk and the type of hub. You may be thinking about spoke clearance. The flange on the Ti hub is slightly thicker and on '07 or earlier KH frames there is very little clearance for the spokes. If it happens to be a problem it is easily solved by building up the wheel with 14g spokes instead of 13g spokes.

Darren didn’t order these this time around but he should have them eventually.


Prices will come out when UDC posts them. The main difference between the production version and Spencer’s prototype is that it fits better around the crank and can’t spin. It also doesn’t require modification of the axle bolt.


Great news on the cranks, as the machining on alternative short ISIS cranks doesn’t seem to be on par with Moments. Look forward to seeing the pics.

Lighter weight versions of 125’s and 137’s (for XC etc on bigger wheels) would also be sweet! :slight_smile:

Alright, thanks for the responce.

Spencer said something about having to modify the ti bolts ?

I’d love to have a set, but I don’t want to have to modify anything.


Those disks look like they’ll kill your ankle.

I just sent Kelly Hickman a pair of prototype 137’s with a modified cutaway in the back. If they can stand up to a year’s worth of big street riding I might lighten up the other Moment cranks for 2010. Not earlier than that though.


You’d think so but they essentially fill in the 10 mm of outwards flare on the Moment cranks with a wide, flat surface that’s less prone to ankle bashing than, for example, the old 2003-2004 KH cranks. Of course it is also a tradeoff between having a big surface to stand on here, versus a low profile crank that stays out of the way. Hence why they are removable.


Rumor of a possible $100 mark up on most Kh unicycles when the winter shipments come in.

True? False?

Spencer had to modify the axle bolt because the hole in the Rollo disk prototype was too small. The production version fits a standard bolt.


cool Kris. 137’s are my favorite length for off road riding on the 29 and 36.

Will the new short cranks also have 10 mm Q-factor? Sometimes tbh 10mm seems too much, and 0 not enough. If the market were bigger I guess we’d have a choice of Q Factor etc to suit different styles of riding.

Also as a side note, the Handle-mount brake bracket is neat but really should ship with the narrower nuts that don’t have that wide flange or whatever it is called, as standard ones are a tight/impossible fit in the front holes.

Yes- all the Moment cranks have the same Q-factor.


Yeah, my shinguards include ankle protection so there really isn’t much of an issue anyway, and I’ve been thinking of something like this for a while so I’m glad you made them.

It’s also nice to be able to take off that extra weight when you’re going to be riding trials for a while, though it’s probably not more than a few grams.

What I think I’ll do is put griptape on just the disks so the cranks are still usable for poorly executed grinds and such when I take the disks off again.