New extra lightweight splined hub in development

These are the first pictures to be released of the first prototype axle for a new ultra-lightweight unicycle hub. No flanges yet, they are still in development. It uses special new materials, with the splines themselves fashioned from purest green unobtainium. Less than a third the weight of KOXX or KH hubs.




Look at all that perty unobtainium, that must not weigh more than half a pound :wink:

i can’t tell if your joking or being serious.

it looks like something you’d use to shape play-dough.

So uh, is it Isis? :roll_eyes:

depends who you ask.

i asked yoggi and it most definatly is, although kris isn’t so sure.


but seriously go koxx.

Or IsIs.


Is ISIS ISIS and if ISIS is ISIS is this ISIS more ISIS than KOXX ISIS is?

Short answer…i dont know.

Wait ISIS isn’t ISIS and ISIS really isn’t as good as ISIS damn someone lied.


commits suicide

As a hint, you should by now be feeling a bit silly. Unobtanium is a matt black finish, not green.

As for being ISIS - it’s got 8 splines, not 12 (or is it 10?), so no. Must be Octalink - are shimano getting into unicycling? They made a BMX groupset last year, surely this is the logical progression.


Bah, 2nd edit. I lose at the internet.

HA! that’s a bunch of BS… It’d be cool is it was true tho :angry:

I doubt that plastic is strong enough to make a hub out of :wink:

It looks like a rolling pin from one of those plastic cooking sets

Is it anything like the Qu-Ax light splined ISIS hub? I have one of those on a 24x3 muni which I’ll be testing out. It’s very light, and looks like it might be strong enough…

Yes, I was going to say it looks more like “plasticanium.” I liked the connection to Play-Doh the best.

New Plastics Pave the Way For Unbreakable Cell Phones and unbreakable unicycle hubs.

I’m getting an extra-heavy hub made from machined uranium to put in my solid cast iron frame. Then I’m going to set a new rolling hop record just to stick it to all you weight weenies. Hah!

ey, the boost you will get from the nuclear reaction should get you pretty high!

So you won’t be able to get on planes with that because hordes of panic-mongering idiots will accuse you of helping Iran to build the bomb. :wink: