new DX frame pictures....

here are the pics of the new DX frame…
the new one is on the left…
note the clearance of the frame…


witch one is the new one. I think i know witch one it is but i’m not sure

read & it will tell you

but hey thanks for the pictures

and the only one in the bottom 2 pics.

Why is there so much more clearance?

Good point! It looks horrible

as stated in the post, the new one is on the LEFT.
the bottom 2 are of the new one…

Yeah, and it will suck more for freestyle stuff and it may hit your knees more often…

I honestly think it doesn’t even look much stronger. I mean, sure it has that little ring thing added, but the weld still looks about the same as the old one and could be ripped off just as easy.

I could be wrong though…we’ll see in the next 6 months or so.

I think it’s dumb they gave it that much more tire clearance. The clearance was just fine before…

The neck travels down into the crown, and its welded to a second layer of metal inside the crown. That added with that sleve on the top, i bet its pretty strong.

Why would you expect good freestyle preformance on a trials uni? But you are right, it might hit your knees more.

i have the 2006 frame and that looks a lot more ugly. im not a fna of this new one, not that my oppinion matters im sure

Yeah from the outside it looks exactly the same except for the sleeve added, but I looked at a cutview pic and it’s definitely stronger.

Looks a lil stronger sure, but how much does it wiegh now? It wasnt exactly the lightest to begin with, now it has more welding and more clearance, meaning more metal being used…

I agree with everyone else, it was a terrible idea to give it that much clearance, why did it even need more to begin with?

its probally to fit a gazz, the old frame doesn’t have enough clearance.

A 20 inch gazz?

That is a trials uni.

Well most people that ride street use trials unis and people use freestyle stuff for street.

Someone probably told torker “give the frame more clearance!” talking about the 24" so it could fit the gazz and they did it to both.

is there a difference in weight?

That looks to me like a 24" frame on a 20" trials. See how the neck goes up so much higher? I dunno… Do the brake mounts line up good with the rim?

i was talking about the frame changes in general, sorry for the confusion. i forgot it was a trials and was thinking about the 24"