new colour..

well iv been thinking and i think id like to powder coat my uni…

like a nice new colour…probably a bright one…

any suggestions?

and if you do have some could you maybe post a pic with the colour…and if possable the uni that colour as well?

and any one know how much this might cost?

thanks in advance


Go with purple:D

yay purple, my car’s purple. As for cost, you might be able to find a commerical outfit who’ll chuck your frame in with a big batch for free, but you get little choice over the colour. Otherwise I’d guess around £30 if you chose a fairly standard colour, you might well need shotblasting to get it clean enough for the powder to really stick.

Im thinking about this to, haha matt!!! two blazing sexi uni’s look better than one:D

How, or where can u get it shot blasted?

silver. here’s mine, a silver DX:

your uni looks nice…bit battered maybe?

but sliver i dunno, maybe not for me, i think id prefer a bright colour pr something.
i want to do it more so my unis like not boring with s atndered colour,but saying this i think that the blue on the KH’s looks really nice…and i spose thats a standered colour.


purple uni

I also say Purple or orange! :sunglasses:

That’s what I’m gonna do my uni when I get around to it.

hmm i think stu wants to do purple…so ill let him do that and get a different colour for myself.

but yer orange or green maybe…
would have to be a good green though…like a nice bright kind of one…
i just though…maybe yellow…any ideas what that would look like?


I had my muni frame powder coated by a local company (spookily exactly the same colour as Toboggonist’s). They charged me £15.

It seems pretty strong (I’ve chipped it a couple of times dropping it on rocks but it’s much stronger than paint) and is very rust-proof (the chrome was starting to look quite sad after two years of Dartmoor’s gritty water).


your lettuce is making me hungry.

Although mine is not powdercoated, i striped it back and spraypainted it just before christmas. two coats of prima three coats of purple and a coat of clear

haha my lettuce lol.

and thanks rob…so it is worth getting it powder coated then…
£15 thats not really that much…was the choice of the colour totaly yours or was it a batch kind of thing?


Something like this?
Not as pretty though because it wouldn’t have the sweet frame.
Look at Justin Kohse’s frame for the BEST green, ever.

hmm i dont think i like that yellow idea any more lol.

and whos justin kohse?


If you pay full price, and not get it cheap/free in a batch job do you get a wide choice of purples :roll_eyes:

if its like one done just for you youd get to choose what you want wouldnt you?


Yes but they mite have certain colours, or they might make them up like that cute dog advertising company:D

Also, will the thread get clogged on the seatclamp? and cranks?

cute dog avertising company?

paint shop place…dulux? or something?

Thats the one, for some reason i keep thinking durex :astonished:

You like this purple??