Never used Nimbus ultimate wheel, 20"

When I bought my 20" used, the guy sold me the UW as part of the deal. He was getting out of the sport completely I guess. I gathered he had only tried the UW once or twice, it is pristine. I also get the impression that it is something I will not have the desire to master. More than selling it, I would be interested in trading it for anything Uni, other than a Club 20", because I already have one of those. Anything rideable, or easily fixable to bring it to a rideable state, ie, not a broken hub. If not, then I am open to offers, buyer pays shipping.

Know the used Ultimate Wheel by the whupped-up ends of its pedals. :slight_smile:

like you said, that one looks like it’s barely ever been used!

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Just heard back from zebra, it’s already gone unfortunately.
My hunt for one continues!..