Negative reaction from unicycling to work

Hey all!

I have two jobs. One of them is really really cool about the whole unicycling thing, and I’ve unicycled to work several times with nary a negative comment.

The other job is the one I’m having a problem with. There are apparently people there who think that I should act “professional” or something and think that unicycling to work in uniform gives a negative impression to the public regarding the company. They say that it shows a lack of respect for my job.

THIS POST from here kind of aggravated the issue inside of me. Is it really disrespectful to choose a single wheel as your mode of transportation to work?

No, and shame on anyone who implies that it is. I think they were more concerned about the uniform, and the association of that uniform with non-company activities. When wearing a company uniform, people tend to assume you’re at work, doing company business. Regardless of that, you’re representing your company in everything you do wile that uniform is on. It’s their uniform, and it’s really up to them to set policies of what they want people doing like wearing it. If you were a runner, they might not even approve of that in the uniform (it would help to know what kind of company it is, though it doesn’t matter in terms of this).

So just don’t wear the uniform. I always wore bike shorts when I rode to work, and a shirt that would be all sweaty by the time I got there. Changing was a necessity anyway. I’d bring in a week’s worth of clothes on a driving day, or in a backpack. And deodorant.

And if that doesn’t work out…

Consider whether it’s better to keep the job (and have money to spend on unicycling kit) or move on somewhere else. My reaction would probably be to unicycle at other times instead of riding to work, at least until I moved on job-wise.

our ops manual says:

"crewmwmbers are to be in complete uniform while in the airport/terminal, on company property, or in transit between Hotel and airport associated with scheduled operational duty. complete uniform includes tie, hat, belt, wings, ID, and epaulets.

A crewmwmber may not wear their uniform while off-duty EXCEPT while traveling to and from work"

. . . so the operations manual specifically allows it!

IMO should not be an issue. But before I got into unicycling I may have agreed w/ your employers. Then I thought only circus performers and crazy daredevils did unicycling and never considered it to be used for transportation.

I have the same problem and use the same solution. A performance T (instead of an extra) + more deoderant work if I don’t have to start work for 30 min or so. We can wear pretty much anything we want.

Are you a flight attendant?

Yes, you appear to be covered by company policy in your uniform usage. However it didn’t mention unicycles, and it doesn’t seem to imply that you have to wear the uniform on your way to work.

And you’re not one of them?

For whatever reason, you haven’t mentioned what the job is. Sounds like you not only work at airports, but you also travel in your job, so I’m guessing flight attendant. But I assume this is mostly about your travel between home and work. As a commuter, a bigger wheel will make you look more “professional” while riding. By contrast, a 20" is so marginally efficient that it hardly makes sense to use one over walking. Is this what they mean by professional? Probably not.

Talk to your superiors. Find out what the problem is, if any, or is it just a general disapproval of someone riding around on a unicycle in company uniform. I also find that a helmet and a mirror on my glasses makes me look a lot more like a cyclist and less like a kook. But that might put you out of dress code, as I see it mentions a hat.


This is a shit situation.

I get nasty stares and the occasional shouting when I go through red lights and the green man on my bike while in work clothes, on way to and from work.

When I do it ‘in civvies’ nobody bats an eye lid.

If I unicycle to work in uniform, it’s a total mixed bag. I’m a primary school janitor so some folk think it’s cool for the kids and that, but a lot more think I’m a total daftie for doing it. And tell me so.

It’s shit, but just wear different clothes on the journey to work. I am so very nearly close to doing this myself.

Or I could just (bi)cycle more responsibly, but where’s the fun in that?

Hope you get it sorted some how.


Sorry to hear about the negative reaction. Have you tried talking to your boss about why you ride a unicycle? And they don’t want to hear that you are an eccentric person looking to stand out. Do you have mainstream reasons for riding? The price of gas is high, not driving your car is good for the environment, riding helps keep you in shape, with fewer parts the maintenance is cheaper/easier than a bke, the size means storage is easier than a bke… It may help if you talk to your boss with real mainstream reasons they can relate to.

Whilst personally I would not see it as disrespectful, at any point you are wearing their uniform, you are representing the company. I’d say it’s well within their rights to ask you not to represent them in a way they don’t like.


when in uniform, you represent

I believe that they can legitimately be concerned it if you are wearing a work uniform while riding. Like they wouldn’t want to see you in uniform at a protest.

Just wear riding clothes to work and change when you get there. This is what I do. More comfortable anyway.

I keep clothes at work so I don’t have to carry them back and forth.


Even if the boss isn’t prejudiced against unicycles, she is probably aware that many of the customers will be.

The employer has a legitimate interest in anything you do which might affect the company’s image adversely.

I was once given a severe bllcking for busking in the subway outside my office during my lunch hour. :sunglasses: :o

Of course, if you were to do a sponsored ride for a charity that the company supports, and get your picture in the local paper and the company magazine…

I’m actually a pilot. I fly for the Continental connection based out of Key West.

I never see my boss. the problem is with one or two other pilots I get paired up to fly with.

they never saw the unicycle before telling me they didnt like the idea, so I dont know if the size would make a difference.

right now its a 24 inch torker (all I’ve ever had)

so the problem isnt with the company having a problem, its with my coworkers having a problem with it. The company so far hasnt gotten involved (the only people who are in charge of me are in a totally different city and I almost never see them or talk with them)

Seriously? Well as a potential customer, I would view pilots riding unicycles as highly awesome, but other unicyclists is not exactly your key demographic! I think most people would want their pilot to appear as a non-eccentric, serious chap, and the common view of unicycling doesn’t really present this.

Why not ask your boss if you can just ride to work in civvies, then change at the airport. It’s slightly annoying to you, but your customers then won’t know any different and your boss won’t have to worry. Whatsmore, it’ll demonstrate to them that you take their business concerns seriously.

ya… I edited my post in the meantime! sorry about that.

we live on an island so small that the people actually see me coming to work. If the see this kid on a unicycle, they’ll pay enough attention that they’ll recognise me later when I’m standing at the bottom of the stairs, whether I have changed clothers or not.

I really don’t think there’s a legitimate complaint against you here; what you do on your own time in your own clothing is your own business.

But perhaps the best response would be “wanna try it?” They’re just jealous.

I have an open invitation policy regarding the unicycle. Thats the primary reason I’m not planning on upgrading past a stock Torker lx. If someone falls off/scratches it/bends it/lands on the tire, I’m only out like a hundred bucks. If I spend lots of money on it then I’d be hesitant to allow others to try.

Anyone who wants at any time can try out my unicycle.

Tell them to give you a raise so you can afford a better mode of transport :wink:

poor starving pilots can only afford one wheel :’(

Actually, I almost said that people would like their pilots to appear to be “well balanced individuals” and then changed my choice of words for obvious reasons :wink:

till your boss, or whatever tells you that you cant ride it to work, then keep riding. just ignore your coworkers because they dont have any effect on your paay or whatever. dont be a jerk to them, but tell them it is no way affects them so leave you alone. or taking the simple response and tell them to leave you the F alone.