Needing help from some USA Coker Riders...

I have been to every bike shop in the Sydney and Canberra and I cannot find a cyclecomputer that goes large enough for a 36" wheel.
I’m here to see if anyone can find a price for a cycle computer and shipping to Australia. I will be able to send money to compensate for the trouble.
I don’t post here much but I feel I do alot for the Aus Uni community. I shoot alot, and have done alot of photos for Dan Cowling, Matt Porter, and Alex Thoms.
I also had the first cover for the Unicycle Magazine.
So if anyone can help, I’d love to hear!

wow. i want to get one for my coker this weekend but now im worried. i was planning on going to my LBS to get one but now im not so sure.

Are you sure? I’m running a Cateye Velo 8 myself, and my Cateye Velo 2 works too… Maybe the guys in the LBS arn’t too smart and don’t want you to buy something that MIGHT not work?

Will any of these work for you??.

If not try BIG W, I think they’re selling cyclecomputers for big bikes, So big bikes may also mean cokers right :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Or use a regular computer, attach two magnets to the wheel and set the computer to halv the wheel size…?

I can confirm that the cateye models should work. Email Dave Stockton ( I think), he should be able to give you a pretty good list since he sells the things.

lol 412 you summed my idea up perfectly.

i think most nikes alow u to set out the roll out of the wheel not the diameter, hence the big coker tyre rollout debate,

I think most cycle computers will do. if ur at your lbs, ask them and make sur eu can take it back if it doesnt work.

Personally I switched to GPS, which is more expensive, but that means I can use a single device on Muni, 29er, 36" and bike (commuting).

It’s great to keep a log on the PC of all the rides, including the routes taken.

The box probably won’t say it works for a 36" wheel cause 36" is so rare, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work. You just need to know what numbers to program in. Since you don’t post often, no need for admonishments about the search button. But here’s a couple previous threads I found:

Bike computer for Coker?

Coker question?

Basically, as long as its range is up to 2900mm it should work.

I got one recently, a cheapo from halfords and the rollout goes to about 3300mm, plenty enough. The two magnet system will work fine, and give you a finer resolution of data recording.

The halfords guy (halfords are renowned for having very poorly trained bike staff) suggested i just set the wheel size to 26" and then put the sensor 10" lower than i would have on a 36" wheel. I didn’t even dignify his stupidity with a response.

I used a sigma computer model bc 1106, untill I got a forerunner 305 (GPS)

I don’t believe I would have shown such restraint.

I had trouble, but i was with my dad so hurling bike parts off the rack at this guy wasn’t on the cards.