Need UniCon accomodation? Click here

We have a group of 8 people atm and we need 4 more so we can book a 12 bed dorm. if u r looking for accomodation and u dont mind staying with chris huriwai, mike padial, alex grieson, duncan matheson, dan cowling, joe waddington, sam (doamono), and myself then reply so we can organise it all!

this will b booked for the 27th til the 8th and will cost $255NZ per person.

Sorry i cant remember ur last name atm sam lol

Hey Isaac,
I’m interested. Can i dibs on one of those beds? Might feel a bit out of place though because it looks as though i’d be the only Muni rider in the group!
Can you Pm me the details?

ok um just found out we hav 2 pending spots so we hav 1 sopt available atm but there is a possible 2 more so watch this space if u miss out on the next one.

Sounds good. Alex is a very skilled muni rider. (and will be competing (that I know of))

Just so everyone knows. If you are 100% sure you are coming to unicon we can offer you the final slot. If your still not sure about coming, we can’t put any beds on hold for you, as it needs to be booked NOW.

Arg ! If only I had known before… In the end, this is cheaper than what I reserved (25 $/night), and with all nice dudes. Anyways, I’ll stick to where I am.

Where exactly is that ? So I can go throw some rocks at your window at night…


You better not throw rocks at out window! grr…at the roof would be one thing, but the window?!?

oh and Isaac, my last name is Thomas. :slight_smile:

Edit : Oh and Luke Collalto said that he would come, but that was like months ago and he’s hard to get a definite answer out of…was one of those pending spots for him? I’ll try to find out if he is actually going to come or not.

haha ok thanks. i think i knew but i mightve just forgotten. um no those 2 pending spots were for chris’s gf and sister and he said they r def coming so this means there is one spot left atm and because i forgot about luke ill reserve the spot for him if he wants to come but if not then we’ll need one more person.

BTW this is where we’re staying It is the cheapest backpackers in Wellington so you’ve been warned XD.

And yeah I’ll be bringing my muni up and competing for sure. I’m gonna do a lot more muni now it’s summer.

Haha, chances are we’ll be staying there also :smiley: Me Tim and Scott.

Should probably book accomo now, actually.

For anyone who’s staying there: It isn’t actually too bad considering the price, we stayed there at the 08 Uniweekend.

Just use the showers with caution lol.

That’s good to know.

BTW Isaac my last name is spelt Grierson :slight_smile:

well u cant expect me to get everyones names right, geez. :stuck_out_tongue:

Safey, question for you. Are the showers private, do they have locks :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhhm pass?
They’re in their own cubicles (a good start), which have such low walls you could look over the side lol, and the plugs were clogged with pubic hair when we stayed haha.
But apart from that, it’s all good!

well looks like we’re all gona get to know each other pretty well then ay! also should keep an eye out for syringes n shit in hostel bathrooms.

So have we got enough people yet? If not then bump :stuck_out_tongue:

I do not want to know how you determined which kind of hair that was… :astonished:

well as well as the 8 people mentioned at the start of this thread, we now also hav mark lavis, chris’s sister, chris’s gf and we r waiting for a reply from luke collato :D. if luke doesnt reply soon or says no then we will need one more person

It looks different.

i booked the room about a week ago lol.Forgot to tell you but Chris found 12 people

oh who’s the 12th person now?