Need some help convincing my girl to accept unicycling

well, long story short, my main cycling love is XC, but after getting my bike stolen, I’ve been without wheels since last fall. I’ve always thought uni’s were pretty rad since becoming addicted to a unicycle game for super nintendo as a kid (uniracers, or something along those lines). anyhow, my girl’s friend finally got around to bringing over her crusty old norco uni, and lending it to me.

over the course of the weekend, I picked it up pretty well at work, and realized that I can get into trials on a uni without breaking the bank (i’ve always wanted to do bike trials, but haven’t had the funds to buy a second bike).

my problem comes with the fact that my girl, the sister of a fallen skateboard pro, considers riding a unicycle more of a turnoff than rollerblading or longboarding. she insists that she will break up with me if I buy a uni, despite my best attempts at making her see how awesome uniclycles are.

despite her warning, I have a numbus trials in the mail. I told her that she could pay the difference, and upgrade a trials uni to a trials bike, but she rejected that offer.

I suppose what I am trying to ask is this: how can I make uni’s sexy? I realize that they will never have the cultish, badass appeal that skateboarding has, but surely there is a light I can cast unicycling upon that will make her at least not view me as a fucking circus act. any ideas, sort of “ditch the girl?”

Honestly it sounds like you already know the answer… sorry.

Talk to HeavyPedalist. He’s got the phone number of an allegedly cute girl who likes unicyclists.

How old are you? Sounds like your girlfriend is someone you hold hands with at recess.

Get a real unicycle and a real girlfriend.

I’m 27, and I can’t blame you for your response. I’ve been with this girl for well over a year, and otherwise, things are pretty good. we used to constantly joke about rollerbladers, as I have a long since unused pair of rollerblades, but this issue flew out of left field and threw me off guard.

I shit you not, I’ve yet to see a person riding a uni in my city, so I’m sure that her ill founded bias is not restricted to her alone, nor is it a product of poor upbringing. I would like to present the case for unicycling to her in a manner that my fellow citymates would understand as well, in the hope of spreading the love

Sorry for being brash. Somehow I got the impression that you were looking for someone to tell you to break up with your GF that you made out to sound not very into you.

Now I know that what you really want is to convince her that unicycles are cool. I will have to apologize and excuse myself as I am mostly good at making brash comments and am not certified in relationship counseling.

Pick some videos from this thread to show her, if she doesn’t think these guys are bad-ass, dump the stupid girl.

Everyone looks goofy when they are first learning to unicycle, I still look goofy. But there are some really good riders that look cool. Find videos of good riders in flatland, big street, trials, and muni. Show her all the styles, she probably just thinks of clowns.

If she’s really shallow then tell her things like “A man with conditioned balance performs better in bed”

If she seriously is that concerned about what dating a unicyclist will do to her public image, then get rid of that stupid ho.

Not to be insulting to women, just this one specifically.

By the way, I have seen people tear up the skatepark on rollerskates not blades, anything can be cool, it all depends on the rider.

All I can add is that it’s wonderful to have a spouse that fully supports you in all your endeavours. No matter what crazy-assed hobby I come up with (and over the 20 years we’ve been married, I come up with quite a few) she always backs me up. Sure she rolls her eyes sometimes, but she always follows up with a quick “but that’s why I love you”.
I don’t mean to sound too sappy, and you’ll do what you want, but I don’t mind telling people that my wife’s one in a million - maybe 2 million.

P.S.: As for everyone else in town - screw 'em. You don’t (shouldn’t) crawl into bed with them and they don’t sign your paycheck.

All the girls I know always thought it was pretty cool…

Anyways just ignore it, I doubt she’ll go that easily!

If she can’t deal with you doing something you enjoy then you should tell her she is not worth it lol.I could make a video of all the best stuff ive seen on a unicycle(maybe) is she doesnt think its cool after this then dump her

Actual LOL.

I like that you think that blaming the parents is an appropriate response in some cases of anti-unicycle sentiment, like bad table manners or racism.

Sounds like it’s too late, you’re a unicyclist, no going back now.

Just crack on, no need for you to dump her. If she dumps you, then it may be upsetting, it may hurt, but time is a great healer and you’ll have more time to practice your unispins…

well, i see the problem there! “sort” was meant to be “sHort”!

I love the shit out of this girl, and I take her threats as hollow, but I really want her to “see the light”.

if she actually breaks up with me when she finds out that I did buy a unicycle, I I will admit that she is not worth my time. in the mean time, I would like to use her as a starting point to dispel the negative connotations that are bundled with rolling on one wheel.

If she is closed minded and judgemental enough to even say that she would break up with you for buying a unicycle then she has displayed a character flaw that is unnaceptable. She made it quite clear that she would be embarresed to be known as someone who dates someone who engages in a harmless fun activity simply because it is unusual. Not only should you dump her first but you should spit on her

My gf was making fun of me when I’ve taken up unicycling, but after some time when she saw that it wasn’t just a toy for a moment and that I’m seriously into it, she accepted it.
I think the idea of showing her some videos is good. Just select the ones that are probable to impress her. And tell her that it’s decided and you’re getting an uni anyway.

My gf was making fun of me when I’ve taken up unicycling, but after some time when she saw that it wasn’t just a toy for a moment and that I’m seriously into it, she accepted it.
I think the idea of showing her some videos is good. Just select the ones that are probable to impress her. And tell her that it’s decided and you’re getting an uni anyway.

Unicycling is not the problem here.

Oh… wait everyone… I figured it out… She’s jealous. Just teach her how to ride and she will shut up.

@OP, I thought from your post that you were ~15! Maybe being older changes things, maybe not. Unless she’s 15, then my previous comment stands! :astonished:

I’m finding that you can’t teach someone who has only a casual interest, never mind the one who thinks it’s ridiculous or worse…

Well guys (and gals?), thanks for the response!

as far as her being close minded and judgmental, the situation is a bit more complex than I have explained, so I will add a few key points in her defence, and kindly ask you guys to refrain from comments/suggestions of the “spit in her face/light her hair on fire/poison her cat” ilk.

her first experience with unicycles/unicyclists was when her friend, S___, bought one at the spry age of 8. things were swell for the next few years, until puberty, and subsequently an interest in boys, reared their ugly heads. at this point, the cliquey social group that both girls were a part of started disliking things that weren’t cool (ie. anything that isn’t spice girls, shopping, makeup, etc.). this left S____ in an interesting position. unlike most kids at that age, she didn’t bother taking the subtle and non-to-subtle cues, and rode that sucker daily, with no heed to the social conventions of her peer group.

since my girl and S_____ were basicaly BFF’s growing up, my girl received most of the griping peer group, as the group thought that having one of their members riding a unicycle while they try to shop, pick up boys, etc., was cramping their style and embarrassing them all. instead of doing what young girls are want do to, she didn’t kick S______ out of the group, and accepted her fate as the close friend of a unicyclist. S______ was to be found mounted on her unicycle until the end of high school.

another layer of complexity is the fact that her late older brother was a pro skater. hanging out with the “cool” older skaters, she was constantly embarrassed having S______ over with her unicycle in front of the older boys.

when I met S_____, unicycling never came up, and it wasn’t until 6 months or so ago that a mutual friend had a talent show drinking party. while racking my brain for ideas, my girl accidentally let it slip out that S______ rides a unicycle. I badgered her about this, but she never brought up the negative feelings she has towards unicycles. it wasn’t until after borrowing S______'s unicycle for a weekend and deciding I wanted my own that she brought any of this up.

when she said she would break up with me, she said it was because she would loose any sexual interest in me, which would lead to a breakup down the road. I can argue against breaking up with someone for a stupid reason, but one isn’t exactly in control of what/who they find sexy/attractive.

this is why I want to make unicycling sexy