You know you're a unicyclist when...

haha that’s great!!

It’s happened I think I have a picture somewhere and it cleary spells odyssey. They should sponsor me for that kind of advertisement. :sunglasses:

If it’s a good photo they might actually be interested in buying rights for an ad, that kind of thing is the edgey advertising that extreme sport companies likes.

You know you’re a unicyclist when…

All your bank statements say at least once:p

You know your a unicyclist when people ask you, “Oh my gosh, what happened to your shins?!”

You know you’re a unicyclist when…

You would choose to keep Unicycling, and dump the gf, if she wanted me to stop riding because she said it was a “turnoff”, like this guy’s gf told him!

Bottom line: GFs are temproary. Uni is for LIFE! :smiley:

You know you’re a unicyclist when you’re sat at home looking at unicycle forums or videos and your muscles keep twitching back into positions they were in when you were unicycling earlier!

You know you’re a unicyclist when…

…you spend more time actually riding, than you do online! :smiley:

You know you’re a unicyclist when people stare at you and say “good job,” and you don’t know how to react because you forget that you’re doing something incredible.

When some one you’ve never met before knows your full name because they’ve heard about you :smiley:
When you spent hours at a time on Google Earth, trying to look for trails.
When you’re awesome.

when people reconise you without your unicycle :slight_smile:
when you own more unicycles than bikes

When you get the name of ‘unicycle man’ from the local kids :slight_smile:

thats what most people call me :slight_smile:

Same here…either that or tw*t :astonished:

when you have a unicycle in your car at all times

Or when you dont own a car because you ride your unicycle all the time. Last year I was riding my Coker with my trials uni on my back to ride at some new trials spots!

Hardcore unicyclist!

cant ride to work got to be on free way :slight_smile:

I guess that would answer the eternal WYOT question!

What is WYOT?