Need recommendation for 36"

I am looking to buy a 36 incher. Price is not an issue and I want to buy only one. I am 50 years old and have been riding for about 40 years. Currently I have a 24". I do not plan on off roading. I want cranks with double or tripple holes.

I am about 220lbs and 6’1" tall.

What does anyone recommend?

Thanks, Mark

The Nimbus Impulse is a nicely designed unicycle for road riding:

You can order it with dual-hole cranks. 125/150 are a reasonable place to start, and you can always by shorter cranks if you find you like them that way.

The disk brake (supplied) is very nice. I would strongly recommend a disk brake if you can afford it.

Another approach is to buy the KH, which is very nice and then add the features you want–dual hole pedals and brakes for example. I would add a handlebar.

There is also a triton 36" you could look into if price is not object:


The KH36 is nice.
Is comes with 125/150 dual hole cranks, the very nice KH freeride seat and adjustable seatpost, to adjust the angle of the seat.

I recommend to add the KH touring to it for comfort, and a magura hydraulic rim brake if you plan to ride in hills.
It does not come with a disk brake, like the Nimbus.

For your first 36" you could start modest and see how you like it. Or buy a non-geared one for starters, and later consider if you want to upgrade to the Schlumpf hub.

I like the KH frame. My experience of the Nimbus frames is that they’re too side-to-side whippy. More recent versions may have improved upon this, but their design makes them less rigid in that direction.

Disks are the best way to brake a unicycle, but you don’t really need it unless you ride on big or long hills. The Toledo area, not so much. :slight_smile: