Need Help!!!!

hey i’ve been unicycleing a long long long long long time and i need to no how to do some freestyle i wanna learn some pedal grabs, stalls, 360’s(for now), and high jumps like jumping really really high

if u have myspace u can contact me there if not send me an email at so yea or just post on here

first of all, these skills you have named are not freestyle… they would all fall under “street” skills or possibly trials.
what kind of unicycle are you riding? do not try to do jumps on anything not built for trials.
otherwise, for information on any of these skills go here:tricks

well i have 2 unicycles one is a 20 inch torker and another torker 5 footer

my point is, make sure you have the equipment you require. is the torker an '06 DX? from what i hear, anything torker but the '06 Dx is not for trials. dont even think about doing hops of drops on anything not built for this purpose.

pedal grabs, and crank stalls are an easy skill to start on, they should take very little time to learn. try searching the forum for the countless number of threads which explain the basics, and then go practice.

the 360… is it rolling/jumping/static/hopping?
it makes a big difference as to what kind you are trying to learn. in any case, try to 180 first.

acctually all of the torker dx’s have a splined nub so could(theoretically) be used for trials. but if you want help with trials stuff search the forums.

p.s. starting 2 threads in two days about the same subject is a waste of time…yours and ours. just a helpful hint.

Another helpfull hint is to make your thread title more descriptive.
“Help needed with pedal grabs, stalls, 360’s, and high jumps” would be perfect. Then people know right away what your thread is about.
This forum is getting busier and busier and very few people have the time to check all the threads anymore. As a rule, most people will ignore threads with vague thread titles and you might miss out on some really kewl advice.

The only advice I can give you is “Practise, Practise, Practise”.
Hope that helps.

ok thanks but no it is not a '06 it was an '03 model before they made the T fork but ok i try

yea um i have a torker lx 20 inch yea is it go for doing street,freestyle, trials, highhoping seat out, and gapping?

nope …itll break pretty soon.

how much do trials unicycles cost usually? cause i was gonna get a muni… but i would rather have a trials…

round 300-400 usd for a decent one like a qu-ax or up to over 5-600 for one with profiles. or you could just get a dx for like 275-300. of course you could always go for a non splined but that would be morecostly in the long run.

Advice on how to write a thread title already given, so that’s covered.

Listen not to Street/Trials snobs that will try to “own” categories of tricks under their disciplines. Freestyle encompasses everything, though it is most commonly performed on a flat floor. Pretty much anything you can do in a Freestyle performance can be done in Street, and vice-versa. Street is so new, in fact, that the edges are far from being defined. Mostly it shouldn’t need any.

Keeping the various unicycling disciplines from building walls between themselves…

ok and what exactly is a a non splined unicycle
i was planing on getting a “20 inch nimbus trails unicycle” is that good?
and ok i will try a new title

the nimbus is non splined which means that it is quite weak and wont take much punishment before you have to replace parts…your far better off with a qu-ax or torker dx 2006