Need help with buying 24" tire

I’m thinking of trying a different tire on my 24" so I can muni on it. It has square tapered hubs, and probably won’t stand any actual 'muning", but I’m just a beginner. :slight_smile:

I’ve called a handful of local bike shops and none of them have any 24" tires, so I will be buying online from chain reaction cycle’s list of 24" tires..

Halo Choir boy 2.3

Halo Ception 2.6

Halo Contra 3.0 (I read on the forums that this is the same as the duro wildlife tire?

I would most likely get the 2.3" tire. But I’ll go bigger if any of you experienced riders think it’ll fit.

This is my frame clearance on the unicycle. It has a DX32 Alexrim.
The tire in the photo is a 2.125 Cheng Shin tire.
It looks like the hub is a little to the left of the frame, which makes the tire also a little to the left.

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

If you aren’t having problems with traction, the tire on your unicycle might be fine. Bigger knobs will give you more turning power at speed, and be better in the wet, but might not be much difference on a dry trail.

BTW, you can do plenty of MUni on a square taper axle. There is a greater likelihood that it will eventually break, but then again it’s cheaper than a splined one. :slight_smile: I offer this example of a bunch of the unicycles that were ridden at the first MUni Weekend (1996). There was only one splined axle there, and it was hand made.

So go out and have fun on your existing uni; you’ll know if you need to upgrade.

Looks like you’ve already done some muni on that setup. :smiley:

Wow, very nice, old school pictures you have there. 1996!

I guess a fat tire isn’t really a need, more of a want. I need all the help I can get to reduce UPD :smiley:

Actually the only thing I did that involved soil with this uni, is crashing into a bush with it. :roll_eyes: I used my 20" nimbus trials on the trial, but it was painfully slow.

I am guessing you have pressed (not machined) bearing holders, if so you would be able to fit that 2.6 no problem. If the tire rubs at the top of your frame just shim the frame up with some strips of metal or plastic.

If you shim up your frame you might need longer bolts.

I had the same problem with my Racing Ralph 29 x 2.4 in my Qu-ax frame. I just grinded some material of the seatpost tube, are whatever it is called.

LoneReaction, I think a 24 x 3.0 tire is going to be a thight fit, by the looks of your frame size. The Schwalbe Big betty is 24 x 2.4 is nice but pricy. And it is 63 mm wide, so it is really big for a 2.4 tire. Most tires are a lot smaller than their claimed width.

An advantage of a proper offroad tire is that it can be run at low pressure, which makes offroad riding easier. You don’t seen to be very heavy, you should be able to run on 15 psi/1 bar in a 2.4 or 2.6 tire.

Yes, I’m tiny and only 52kg (115pounds?), lol. These tires from CRC are going to be much cheaper for me, because I can share shipping costs with other local MTBers. Ordering direct from the US will cost me loads of money as most don’t ship to Asia, and I may have to do mail forwarding myself, nearly doubling the cost of a tire. It seems that I can try a 2.6" tire. Man, I wished the frame was 26", I have a nice 2.3" Kenda nevegal lying around.

If you really want to use that Nevegal you could use some poor man’s frame extenders…

I did this to test fat 29" tires in my old 26" frame before I got the custom Triton. It worked quite well. Obviously there were another pair of bearing holders that went underneath to clamp the wheel.

Ooo… that is really creative! But then I would have to get a new 26" wheelset, and if it comes to that, I’ll just get a new uni :slight_smile:

This is the Halo Ception. It’s more like a 2.3" than 2.6". Lots of clearance. Haven’t ridden in a month, and took it for a spin. It was really hard to control and unpredictable (on pavement). The rolling resistance also threw me off, definitely not a road friendly tire, lol. Had it at around 30psi. Reused the 2.1 tube :slight_smile:

For your height and weight I’d think you’ve got too high of tire pressure, especially if it’s offroad riding you’re intending. I’m 5’ 8" and 145lbs and the highest pressure I ever have in my tire is ~18-20 psi, typically even slightly lower depending on the terrain. Of course this means slightly sloppy handling on the roads but gives you a bit better traction off road and the ability to roll over stuff quite a bit easier. Basically when you hop in place or roll over objects you shouldn’t be bottoming out on the rim, so let that be your guide as to what psi to run.

I run only like 10psi on the 20" trials (creepy crawler), and it doesn’t even feel so laggy compared to this one. For this new tire, I tried 15psi at first, then 25, then 30.

Maybe it feels like that because the knobs stick out so much?

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I think you’re right. It felt slow at first so I kept increasing the psi. In the picture it seems I was riding mostly on the center knobs.

The extra weight and big knobs make it harder to roll. Plus new tires feel extra lumpy. Your legs will adjust quickly, and you’ll wear some of the edges off the knobs. After that it’ll feel just as natural as your old tire did.