Need help to get "Unicycling" as a sport category for Endomondo app

I think some of you here use such apps, like Google’s My Tracks, Sportypal, Runkeeper, etc.

So far I find Endomondo to be really good. However there isn’t a unicycling category. I need your help! Just click the facebook “like” button.

Or even better, you could post something there :slight_smile:


Whoops, it seems that my request got merged with another one.

New URL:

Done. I use “Mountain Biking” right now as my option. Mostly because I don’t mounting bike. It’s got to be tricky for them though, so many sport options. I was fairly surprised to see that Kite Surfing is now on the list.

Thanks! If they have stuff like “Boxing” and “Polo”, I don’t understand why not “Unicycling”!

Because there are tons more boxers and polo players.

are there really though? there are 45000 of us on this forum alone i don’t know, but in my experience ive never even met a single polo player

Yes, there are. I don’t know how many polo players there are, but what they may lack in numbers, they more than make up for in $$$. And where do we get 45,000 people on these forums? Does that include every account that was ever created? Including all the spammers and bots?

Anyway, Endomondo is probably more interested in the number of their users that want a category added, rather than how many actually do the activity. I’m all for it, but have more than two unicyclists requested the category?

For real.

I quite like Endomondo’s interface compared to other gps apps i’ve tried. It just needs a unicycle category, especially since i use it to track my bike rides too.

All we need is for enough people to go to the thread and request it:

Might even prompt other endomondo users to check out the sport.

and we have at least 4 so far.

Seems like we will need 450 people to “like” it. Time to spam my facebook and beg for likes! :smiley:

USE CAUTION! I followed that link last night to add my name to the list. I ended up subscribed to a website called, which required me to share a login from Facebook or Gmail. Normally this is an instant turn-off for me, but I wanted to help the cause. All I wanted to do was add myself to the list of requestors but somehow I got subscribed to something I don’t want.

This morning I have four emails in my inbox, keeping me up-to-date on communications I have no interest in. I had to jump through several hoops to get unsubscribed (had to create a password first). Now hopefully I am – we’ll see. Got to love that social media! Not.

Eeek. Thanks for the heads up! I tied it to my Facebook account to login (lazy to make a new account). I guess I’ll get rid of it after the goal is achieved.

I’d suggest that this should just be promoted through the endomondo site. if 450 riders sign up to that one challenge, that will do it given that they’ve stated the benchmark. Endomondo is clean and efficient and it runs on multiple phones which is a big plus, so I’m keen to see this done.

Just thought I’d bump this and see if anyone wants to keep the push to get unicycling on endomondo going:

This is endomondo’s official user forum. As John Foss pointed out-you have to log on to add anything. but you do not have to use your facebook login. At least I didn’t - I set up a unique username/password with endomondo and haven’t had any problem with spam.

I use endomondo on my phone to track distance/time and map out where I get lost; it works real well for a free app.


wow…haven’t been on in quite some time. A link from Endomondo (another site I’ve been absent from for a few months) brought me here, though. Cool to see that there was interest in the unicycle category at one point at least.

I’m curious to know if folks are still interested in this…or perhaps have moved on to other GPS apps…?