Need a better seat!!!!!!! Please Help!!

i tried memory foam, i tried a tire tube, i tried them both together, they were both not enough, the kh fusion seat by itself is 54 bucks, the seat post is 12, and shipping is 12-15 bucks, all together that is 80 bucks just for a new seat when i only payed 115 for the uni to begin with, everyone has said that the nimbus gel is the way to go for comfort so i think thats the way i might go, im gunna call and see what they say is the best bet for me, maybe they can help me out. i just dont want to spend that much for the kh one unless i can get one thats used for like 20 bucks, also i dont want to get a saddle and put it on and have it be just as bad as the stock saddle on torker lx to begin with.

what about the schwin gel seat? has anyone tried that one yet? i havnt heard one person that has one on here. also does the nimbus gel have any kind of padding on the sides for more comfort?

ive got all there cd’s and have seen them like 4 times. great band.

Where are you from?

I only saw em twice in DC, they cancelled out on their show with Ceremony in Baltimore 2 years ago unfortunately, and that would have been the third and last time I could have seen them.

You might want to think about bidding on this

pick up your boys(where is that diagram??) and move the seat forward all the way, lx seats are not bad at all.

you will have to buy a new seatpost no matter what.

Comparing the cost of the KH seat to the cost of your unicycle is a false comparison. The two do not relate to each other.

It is similar to people who say “I will not spend $500 on car repairs because the whole car is only worth $800”. In the car example, the correct comparison would be the $500 repair to keep the car running against the cost of a new car. When done that way, the $500 repair pays for itself within the first month.

With your unicycle, I think the correct comparison is to look at the cost of the KH saddle against the cost of a new (or used) unicycle that you can ride with pleasure. Those are your two options (unless you consider the option of not unicycling). If the Torker is in good shape, the addition of a KH saddle will give you supreme comfort on longer distances at a fraction of the cost of replacing the uni. Where else can you get a comfy uni for only $80? You will probably get years of great riding - assuming you don’t start doing big drops and other uni-abusing things.

The KH is only $15 more than the Nimbus. With the nimbus, you have the same expense of the post and shipping. You are looking at $65 vs. $80. If you insist on comparing the cost of the upgraded saddle to your sunk cost of acquiring the Torker, you should realize that the nimbus option is 56% of the original Torker purchase price. Is that really a whole lot better deal than the 69% ratio for the KH option?

Between myself and my 2 sons, we have 3 unicycles with the KH saddles and 3 unicycles with the Nimbus saddles (plus others with different brand saddles). In my experience, the Nimbus will definately be better than your current saddle. BUT THE KH IS WITHOUT A DOUBT WORTH THE EXTRA $15.

Your bottomly region with thank you.

im in cal, ive seen them twice at rivlry showcase and a few other shows with down to nothing

ok well atleast i got a real good idea what i should do, if everyone says that this thing is that good than it must be

…some are definitely going with the crowd.
Which seat is sufficient for you really depends on how far/long you’ll be riding and what you’ll be doing while you’re riding.

mostly i just kinda want something that i can ride around town and not have to worry about having a sore crotch for a week so i cant ride anymore. if people say the kh freeride fusion is that good and is tht much better than the 2 nimbus saddles than i might go with it but for now im just trying to get all the info i can

I’ve got a Nimbus gel, and it feels great after riding on a sun saddle for over a year. I got back on my sun recently and I just realized how uncomfotable the sun saddle was, and how amazing the Nimbus gel is. I’ve never tried a fusion freeride, so I can’t tell you if it is a better deal.

Also, are you in SoCal or the O.C. area, or are you farther north?


The soreness goes away. Also, if you are riding any sort of distance, you might try wearing compression shorts (like bike shorts without the padding) under your pants or by themselves.


Oh, I definitely support the freeride saddle. I’m just saying that for most uses I put it to my Nimbus Gel is fine (but I’m not even in the saddle half the time I ride on that unicycle…)

i think im going to go with the nimbus gel, ive heard more about that one than the kh one anyways, everyone said they love there nimbus, i just need something a little bit more comfortable just so i can start riding again, i just hate to see that uni go to waste, plus if i get the nimbus gel and i start freestyling i wont have to worry about it being too bulky like the nimbus hi-top, i mean people than want more comfy bike seats they get gel seats so why wouldnt it be the same for a unicycle, i just wish someone on here would know if that schwin gel is any good also, i live more north california by the who whoever was asking

I do not have any experience with the Schwin saddle, but it appears to be almost identical to the Nimbus - and they are exactly the same price. They may be made in the same factory to very similar specs (of course, and Schwin do not make their own saddles - they purchase them from a manufacturer). In that the prices on the two saddles are identical, I am not sure why you are anxious about the Schwin saddle.

If you want to know about any differences between these two saddles, I suggest you e-mail the Help Desk at They are very helpful in explaining any product differences.

i did email them and called them today and yesterday and no answer, i talked to the guy that owns and he said the nimbus saddles are good, like he said anything with gel most likely will be better

what about the velo seats? are they any good? there pretty cheap and they look like they have more gel padding than the nimbus, id like to if its a big difference in the gel and the standard velo saddle

Yea can someone please give a review on that saddle. I’ve been wondering about them also.

good im glad someone else is with me on that one hahahahahahha