Need a better seat!!!!!!! Please Help!!

ok i have a torker lx and i hate the seat, i havnt riden my uni in a long time bec of the seat being soo bad, i need a more comfy seat! ive looked around everywhere but havnt got the real answers, i ride for about 15mins and i cant ride for a week! my crotch hurts soooooo bad that i cant ride with that seat, i would love to start riding again and go for some long distance rides, i dont do much freestyle, just hopping up curbs and little stuff like that, my dad had a schwin when he was younger and he said his seat was super comfy and im wondering if the one they sell on would be good bec its gel, heres the link i also was looking at the nimbus gel saddle and the nimbus hi-top, the nimbus gel and the schwin would be the same but i havnt seen any reviews on it. the problem with my seat now is theres not enough padding inbetween me and the saddle frame so im wondering if the gel wouldnt be enough padding for me. please someone help! im desperate! i need to start ridding again!

I have a nimbus gel saddle and I really like it.
But I think for freeriding the kris holm fusion freeride saddle would be better

for long distance kris holm freeride is the best

for more tricks/shorter riding kris holm stree/nimbus gel/koxx1 seats are very similar, imo for shorter riding i would go with koxx because they look awesome

i would get the freeride but i dont want to spend that much for a saddle bec i already have to buy a new seat post to get any other seat to work with it plus 12 bucks shipping and i only payed 115 bucks for the uni to begin with, i dont want to spend another 100 for a set up just to be able to ride comfortable

the nimbus gel is the cheapest and it should be fine for medium distance the ive heard the torker lx is the worst saddle there is so whatever you get will be very comfortable compared to that

but a seat is an upgrade you can transfer to future unicycles. There arent any cheap options if thats what your going for, just bite the bullet and get a KH fusion freeride, your loins will thank you.

hahahahahahaha ya well i mean for now i need to think cheap bec like i said before i spent only 115 bucks on the uni and i dont plan on getting another one down the road i just want to make this one last for the longest i can, i would get the fusion freeride but i dont want to spend 80 bucks for just a kh air fusion saddle, thats what your talking about right? not the standard kh saddles but the air fusion saddle right?

which one is the koxx? im still new at all the names on here and i only know whats on

K1 saddles.

how do i get one of those, its in the uk? im in the us, i think its in euros?

Its in Germany, big difference and you can get them from there or sometimes from,

ya id rather not get something thats from germany, thats too far for me. any other sites that have good uni stuff for cheap that you know of?

any more suggestions?

KH freeride not air saddle

The best saddle to get would be the fusion freeride not the air saddle. The fusion freeride is excellent. I just got one on my new muni and it’s the best thing I have ever ridden, very comfy.:slight_smile: It’s a little pricey at about 54 bucks but it is the best saddle you can get, and it’s less expensive than koxx stuff. The air saddle is crazy expensive and is literally a pain in the ass. I got one on my commuter and now I wish I didn’t. The seat will never cooperate with you and will be constantly lopsided when you ride unless you use half a roll of duct tape to keep it in check. So get the fusion freeride and you’ll be able to ride days on end.:smiley: Try this.

Im not talking about the air saddle, Im taling about de normal freeride saddle

  • You could convert the Torker LX seat into an air seat for the cost of a 12 inch inner tube. Google is your friend.

  • Find someone with a new Coker Big One that does not like the Coker branded Velo seat. Get them to sell it to you cheap. Not as nice as the Freeride, but better than the stock Torker.

  • The cheapest option : Get used the Torker LX seat. I have an LX and never swapped it. Even rode a 10K on it.


i did that already, it didnt work for me, i think i just need more foam under me, has anyone even tried the nimbus hi-top saddle? i think i might end up going with that if someone tells me how it is

I own the Nimbus hi-top saddle it’s got really stiff foam, I don’t like it for distance and as far as doing tricks goes it’s not all that easy to hold onto either, I’d go with the nimbus gel saddle, it’s what I have on my commuter unicycle and I’ve done A LOT of miles on it… it’s really comfy, although the fusion freeride would probably be WAY nicer for distance, it’s also thin enough that it would be easier to use for tricks. I would go with the Nimbus Gel seat.

No, I just meant the regular one, its like $55 I think, with shipping and a seatpost etc. your not going to find a cheap saddle new. Just take the seat apart and replace the foam with gel or something else, I converted a LX seat awhile back and it was much better.

I’d suggest you listen to Go It Alone, one of the few edge bands in the past 5 years that I have liked.

Fusion Freeride is expensive, but it is worth it. I don’t really have any other real suggestions other then what has been said already.