NAUCC questions

if i sign up for naucc and send in all of money and i cant go then can i get my money back?
also what is the uphill/downhill?
Would it be a bad idea to do the Cross Country(MUni) on a coker?

  1. That information is on the registration form. However, at this date, you can only sign-up in person at NAUCC.
  2. an up hill race and a down hill race
  3. I don’t know. I don’t ride Cokers.

… In Michigan. Hills will probably not be real big though they could be short and steep.

For #3, it depends on the course. On a flat course you might be at great advantage. If the organizers are able to get permission to use a “proper” MUni trail you’ll probably get bogged down with too much technical or steepness.

Two years ago I had my 29" for the MUni race. I bring that one because I can also use it in the 10k with a different tire and cranks. I figured for a MUni course in Western Ohio, and based on the discussions I’d read here about finding a suitable place, that wheel might work nicely. It did, and I finished way ahead of Zack Baldwin and everyone else. And felt a little guilty about it. You should feel a little guilty if you cream us on a Coker, but if you do, it will be a totally legitimate win!