NAUCC pix, please post like last yr

Last year Rhysling shot pix with his phone/camera and zapped them off to someone who then posted them on this forum.

Could someone do that again for all us poor saps who are stuck at home?

Re: NAUCC pix, please post like last yr

that was me. i put all the pix here

im not doing that again though. Somone with broadband sould save and post them… it was to much work on my 56k to do that ever again.

I don’t have a phone camera, but if I end up with extra time in the evenings, I might be posting some pictures to my new gallery area,

We’re in Utah now, staying at the Crystal Inn with the Panther Pride group. Very nice place! There are mountains all around us. In SLC you have a nearly 360 degree view of mountains. The convention doesn’t kick off until 4:00, so we’re thinking of going up to snowbird for some alpine slide and zip line, or something similar before we’re sucked into the vortex.

John forgot to mention that the Crystal Inn has free high-speed wireless Internet. He has no excuse not to post his usual outstanding photographs :slight_smile:

The vortex may not start until registration opens at 4:00 PM at Skyline High School for John, but it sucked us in as soon as we arrived last Saturday night. I’ll be lucky if I even get to power on my new Nikon D70 digital SLR.

Tom Daniels
President, Unicycling Society of America, Inc.

Re: Re: NAUCC pix, please post like last yr

Thank you jagur. It was you who posted Chris’ pix.

If anyone has the ability, be reminded that we in the outlands would appreciate seeing what’s going on.

No pictures from today. I took pictures, but they were mostly at the Lagoon amusement park. 5 roller coasters, and the Kat-a-pult. A 280 foot shot straight up, then bouncing around at all different angles…

At the unicycle convention, my only pictures were of a 2.5" long beetle that was spotted outside the gym as we were exiting at the end of our time there.

We got in and started registering at 4:00, played in the gym until 7:00, then had the USA annual meeting. Now I’m a Director. I will work with our new Newsletter Editor, Megan Kowalski, helping her with material.

New USA slate:
President: Tom Daniels
Vice President: Alan Tepper
Secretary: Scott Arnold
Treasurer: Karen Rabideau
Newsletter Editor: Megan Kowalski
Director (new 3-year term): Karen Woessner
Director (2 more years): Kevin Gilbertson
Director (1 more year, replacing David Ramos): John Foss

We also have various committees with volunteers handling things such as Barb Kowalski who will handle merchandise sales. Carol McLean is doing Skills Committee, Andy Cotter is going to re-activate the Rules Committee, Carol Brichford is going to revive the position of USA Historian, and I will start a committee geared toward possibly re-structuring or re-balancing our conventions to make them more accessible, more fun, and more of a match with what people are doing out in the world.

Artistic competitions and the first group MUni ride start tomorrow at 9:00!

One more USA, Inc. volunteer announcement to add to John’s description above: Wendy Grzych (President, RTUC) volunteered to be the Affiliate Coordinator.

Jan Layne announced that the Wood One Wheelers 4-H Unicycle Club (WOW) will look into the possibility of hosting the next NAUCC at Bowling Green (OH) University the last weekend of July 2005.

Tom Daniels
President, Unicycling Society of America, Inc.

NAUCC day 2:

I went on group MUni ride with about 25 riders. Millcreek Pipeline trail. It was an interesting ride, following the former pipeline route out of the canyon, this was nearly level riding. At the end of the canyon the former pipeline went straight down into the valley, much too steep for a regular trail. But at this turnaround point, we were overlooking Skyline High School. And the giant copper mine across the valley. And downtown Salt Lake City to the right. And the lake in the background. Hundreds of square miles of area! The return ride ended in a gnarly descent down a steep, switch-backy trail. Very fun, and good introductory ride for the more strenuous ones to follow.

High temperature today was something like 98 f, with more humidity than we get in Sacramento. No air conditioning in the gym. HOT!

I missed the Standard Skill competition. Somebody told me it looked like Irene Genelin was the winner for the ladies. Don’t know about the men.

Individual Freestyle was also completed. Judging results don’t get announced until later, but let me take a guess here:
Ladies: Amy Shields
Men: Ryan Woessner

There were too ladies, and there was a clear difference between Amy and Christy Grider’s performances. Official results have not been announced. Ryan was all by his lonesome in the men’s category. Kind of a bummer that he had nobody to go up against. I think he performs better under pressure (like me). He’ll have plenty of that when we get to Tokyo, where he will face Kazuhiro!

Open-X predictions:
1: Jesse Berg
2: Guy Hansen
3: Brian Hansen
4: Bill Gilbertson

Jesse was way out in front. Guy was most unique of the other three, with nothing but hand-cranked unicycles. Brian experimented with an ultimate wheel and the award pedestal, trying to jump off from various levels (and basically not making it). Bill G. did some spins, one-footing and hopping on wheel. He had music, which the Hansens did not. 3rd and 4th place could go either way.

After dinner was Parade and basketball, which Jacquie and I skipped. The air conditioning of our hotel (or anywhere else) beckoned…

Tomorrow is Pairs and Groups. I will ride the trail.

I made video clips of the three Expert Freestyle performances. Unfortunately I have been unable to upload them to the gallery, receiving this message:
“Cannot resize/compress this filetype” I’ll try asking Gilby about this tomorrow. My camera makes .avi files that play in Quicktime. I got the entire performances of Ryan and Amy!

Please I think everybody would like to see the performances!!

If anyone can post them in the gallery it would be GREAT!!!

      T      H      A      N        K     S       !!!!!