Naucc 2012


This is just a thread to see the amount of people who are going to NAUCC. I would love to go to UNICON but it's far too expensive. 

I'm also wondering if anyone knows when the sign up website will be up for NAUCC.

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i unfortunately have recently come to grips i probably won’t be going to unicon. after the five stages of grief i have accepted it and am ready to get excited about NAUCC. I am in and hope to see everyone their!

Most of the people who will go to NAUCC don’t post here. I for one, hate the idea of missing two of them in a row, but can’t go this year because our Italy trip will start before NAUCC. We’re going to be tourists, man.

I don’t know many details of the convention, though I was talking to organizer Wendy Grzych tonight. If you like MUni, tell her you want to go to Brighton! She said it’s about 15 minutes further away than the park we used in '07 in Novi, but is the best riding in the area. That’s where I’d want to go, even if it makes for a longer drive! Bummer. I’ve never even been there…

Where do they post?

They’re most likely to have a group on facebook? Or is there an American forum? Don’t think so, everyone from the states just use unicyclist? From what I understand, all the track and feild + freestyle and racing even majority Muni enthusiasts just stick to their internal groups… and mingle and/or spread their networks, just at these events.

There must be some online information somewhere, I would try FB.

I guess its because the forums these days are dominated by street/flat/trials riders.

Found this :

July 10-15, in Saline, MI.

Not everybody posts. My mom doesn’t post. :slight_smile:

Is there any public information on NAUCC 2012 other than the town and dates? It’s close enough that a group of us may actually be able to go for a couple days this year…

Okay, so that’s an eight hour drive for me, my question is what do they do there? Will there be folks going on muni rides? I have never been to one of these events, so please tell more…

I think I’ll be going down. It’s only four hours, so I’m excited :smiley:

But will she come to NAUCC then?

Nurse Ben: If you can possibly make it, you should. There will be some Muni, but there will be a lot of other disciplines and riding too. NAUCC puts you in a spot with a whole wobble of unicyclists that could take you years to find otherwise. Also, supporting the Unicycling Society of America is a good thing. That affords us insurance for other events. Your MUni festival looks cool. Unfortunately, I can’t get time off of work to make any trips unless it’s during the summer.

Nordicnoel: I saw a schedule somewhere but now can’t find it. It looked like some of the more popular events were going to fall towards the end of the week which could attract people with a long weekend.

UniPsych0: We’re going too, you’ll have a blast.

Incase anyone didn’t get the USA email, the site and registration for NAUCC is up: There’s even a picture of me on the site and I can’t figure out why.

I will only tell you if you’re going. She only lives about 40 miles away.

Because somebody must have thought it was a cool picture! There’s even a picture of Nathan Hoover and someone else on the Stevens Trail in Colfax, CA up there!

Anyway, I hope you all can make it. The only reason I won’t be is because of the conflict with our Italy trip.

Camping at NAUCC in Saline, Michingan

Anybody out there interested in finding local camping for NAUCC? I hate hotels. I’d rather sleep under the stars. So far, I’ve found nothing near NAUCC.

dose anyone know if there is a event like NAUCC in Canada?

  1. Track and field: races, relay races, juggling uni races, high jump, long jump, riding really slow, coasting, gliding, etc.

  2. Artistic

  3. MUni

  4. UniBasketball Tournament

  5. UniHockey (and if Darren Bedford shows, there’s late night UniHockey with a flaming puck in the parking lot) Shhhh.

  6. Lots of informal FUN! Equipment from UDC you can see and try first hand.

  7. Etc!!!

NAUCC includes all Canada, you must come to the USA this year, but Darren Bedford sponsored it in Toronto a few years back.

NA= North America, which includes Canada.

As Billy mentionned, you can go to the USA to attend a NAUCC, you are part of North America. However, when it comes to organizing a NAUCC, Canada isn’t part of North America anymore. :stuck_out_tongue: This is simply a matter of insurance with the USA (Unicycling Society of America). Thus, all the NAUCCs must now be in the States.

However, we do have a similar event in Quebec, called the CMQ (Quebec Unicycling Competition) where anyone from anywhere is welcome. This summer, it will be from the 24-26th of August in Montreal.

Enough threadjack. Unfortunatly, with Unicon in Italy this summer, I can’t attend this year’s NAUCC, but I encourage everyone to go. It is always a great event and a lot of fun !

NAUCC includes all Canada,

thanks, for some reason i thought it was just the US