NAUCC 2009 Results?

Can someone provide a link to results from this year’s NAUCC? Just dying to know…

Street - Pele Shramm
Trials - Max Shulze
Flatland - Pat Lally

Theres nothing else is there?

I suggest you join the people in this thread who are still waiting to see the results from 2008.

Maybe we could form a support group or something.

Haha! I think they wont have their 2008 results. but I would like to know the results too, and is there somewhere that I can see some pictures of the Trials comp?

longjump, freestyle, highjump… muni?.. wheelwalking races, etc etc…

Are you on Facebook? There are a lot of trials pics available there.

If you are, add me or message me and I will send you the links.

No I’m not on facebook, I was for a little while but it was unuseful and anoying to receive e-mails all the time. So I dont have facebook anymore.

It looks like the USA walked away with most of the medals, huh?

Actually it was the USA that was giving away all the medals. :slight_smile:

USA Webmaster here. Send me the official convention results and I’ll post them…

I know Matt Sindelar won expert male freestyle with his awesome cowboy routine (anyone have video of this? All i found was a little bit of the routine here starting at 0:15) and Becky Banning and Chantelle Troutman-Watson from Panther Pride team in Snoqualmie WA won the pairs freestyle (video here)

I watched the wheelwalking races, I don’t remember who won the last one but I remember Pele was winning and then fell off toward the end :o I think that Scott Wilton might have won…? It was hard to see the finish line and I didn’t stick around for the results.

Zachary Wenner said he got first in Tech Muni and Scott Wilton got first in Overall Expert Muni.

That’s all I know.

NAUCC results posted

Excellent! Thanks for that link!

Hey, Scott Wilton - nice job(s). You were busy.

It looks like the USA walked away with most of the medals, anyway. The Canadian Darren Bedford did get something.

Thankfully, we colonized Puerto Rico, or things would not have looked as good for us!

Great job, EVERYONE!