NAUCC 2007 Competition, Course and Venue info!

NAUCC stands for North American Unicycling Championships and Convention. This year’s event will be in Saline, MI. Web site. Please read the web site, the mail-in registration form on that site, and USA Rulebook before asking questions.

Convention Director Wendy Grzych has sent me some information that’s not found in any of those places. If you have questions about this information and can’t find answers at the sources above, you can ask them here or directly to me via my email address below. I am a past USA president, I edit the Rulebook, and I’ve been in charge of racing and artistic competition events in the past so I have a pretty good idea how things work.

The USA Rulebook Committee passed a proposal in May to switch over to the IUF system for Freestyle judging. But there is no new rulebook yet, and no system in place to train judges as we did for Unicon, so this year the previous (same as last year) rules will be used.

Convention Director: Wendy Grzych
Artistic Director and Chief Judge: Constance Cotter
Racing Directors: Marcus Sternberg and Jory King
Racing Referee: Andrew Wrobel

700c RACING:
Adding the 700c section from the IUF Rules was also passed, but no decision has been made yet by the NAUCC organizers on whether they will add the 100m and 1500m track races for that wheel size. That’s 29" in case you didn’t know. No crank restrictions! We’ll let you know as soon as we know what the decision is.

Yes there will be an unlimited race, open to all wheel sizes, gearing systems, etc. Age groups have not been announced. The 10K is being run on a 1.5 mile asphalt walking trail (see that Rolling Hills has reserved exclusively for us. I think our 10K guy, Jay Sinclair, is heading out there this week to mark the exact start and end lines. The trail is in good shape, pretty flat (not too hilly), and just wide enough to pass a slower rider. So it may require some instruction on passing etiquette for safety.

Also to be held at Rolling Hills, on a sledding hill behind the lodge building. This is probably a grassy hill similar to last year (if you were there), where the uphill will be a straight shot upward, while the downhill will probably be some sort of slalom as you go down.

This be at Lakeshore Park in Novi. It’s a heck of a fun trail. We’re riding only part of the 10 mile trail (I hear sighs of relief from some of you) Wendy sent me images of the trail map with the courses marked. I’m posting this before the pictures so these links may not work right away:

Novice course
Advanced course

The novice trail will start in the parking lot and ride about 1/2 mile on the trail before heading back to the trailhead (finish line) on the wide, multi-directional trail. There are a few ups and downs, but no obstacles or tight turns in that part of the trail. It’s total length is probably 3/4 mile. Also, there’s NO WAY for the kids to make a wrong turn and get lost there since there’s no exit from the trail until they turn back toward the trailhead on the multi-directional trail. The expert trail course begins on the wide, multi-directional trail (allowing faster riders to get to the front before hitting the narrower trails) and ends in the parking lot. Some parts of it are kinda boring, bu t there are also some fun switchbacks and log piles. It’s hilly in some parts, and also has logs across the trails in a few locations. All in all it’s a fun ride - one of my favorites. The course we’ve mapped out is about 4 - 4.5 miles long.

We have 3 muni fun rides planned. We’re also planning a downtown Ann Arbor street ride - Marcus is in charge of that and will have details at the registration table. There are lots of area parks that have great paved trails for a Coker fun ride. The closest would probably be at Willow Metro Park (15 minutes away), but the best ride would definitely be at Kensington (about a 40-minute drive, but well worth it). Let me see if I can get someone to organize that.

These are the three:

  • The toughest (funnest) ride is Potawatomi - Brighton’s Torn Shirt trail isn’t too technical, but is really hilly
  • And, even Maybury is a fun ride now. There’s actually a lot to chose from in the area, but I’d recommend these 3 (and Novi Tree Farm) as some of the best.

None of the three above is at the racing venue, though it sounds like a fun trail as well so that may change. I’m looking forward to riding some of Michigan’s MUni trails!

No word yet on whether the other proposals that passed in the USA Rules Committee will be in force at NAUCC. Aside from the Freestyle judging and 700c proposals, it’s all pretty small stuff. New events, like 700c races and a Street competition, can be added without changes to the rulebook. Many of the other proposals had to do with corrections and several very minor things.

Whenever NAUCC is in range of Cedar Point, I’ve helped provide information for people to go to America’s #1 amusement park afterward. This year Jacquie and I are not planning to go, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. Here’s a link to my 2005 Cedar Point information page. Please note that the prices and other details are not up to date! Find out more about the park at their official web site. It’s about a 2.5 - 3 hour drive from the Saline area.

If the MUni course image links didn’t work above, go here:

Hey John, I am pretty sure I need to be a member of the USA for insurance reasons…but I am not yet. Is is possible to just sign up at NAUCC or do I need to mail the stuff in?

Oops, looks like they forgot that on their registration form also. Normally it would be on there and you could just add the $15 when registering. At this point it will definitely be easiest to just sign up when you arrive in Michigan and get your registration packet. Hopefully there will be someone there who is prepared to take in memberships, as you have to be a member to participate (insurance).

Oops, looks like they forgot that on their registration form also. Normally it would be on there and you could just add the $15 when registering. At this point it will definitely be easiest to just sign up when you arrive in Michigan and get your registration packet. Hopefully there will be someone there who is prepared to take in memberships, as you have to be a member to participate (insurance).

Okay, this thread can also be used to make equipment requests. I want to be first to request any unused Cokers or other 36" unicycles for the 10k, or possibly for a group ride. Anybody got extras? Thanks.

can we request things like little black launch ramps and rails for the street course?

oh yeah i forgot about mini boxes or maybe a car with some grind rails on it like off of that show with those skater guys who had that van and they would session on their van…

do you have to register to do the muni fun rides or is it not conected with naucc?

are there gong to be any trial/street rides before or after?

Something like that would best be requested thru the organizers (WGrzych at Comcast dot net). The props may be already built at this point. The best way for you to get what you want on the course, if it isn’t already built, is let them know you want to help build it. Then your input will be much more welcome!

BTW, why black? If the stuff’s built onsite, it probably won’t be painted.

Why would you not want to register? If you can only make it to one or two days of the event, it’s still worth registering to get a chance to try some of the events (if you’re interested). Though any group rides that go out are pretty informal, they’re still connected to the convention and registration is highly recommended, but contact Wendy (address above) if you can’t attend most of the convention.

Probably not, as the organizers don’t live in Saline. It would be better to hook up with the club (or the Trials/Street riders in the club) to find out what they do on a regular basis. Then you might have some people to ride with all year round!

Still looking for a Coker…

ok. well im gonna use this thread as a kinda shout out then. Any riders in south east Oakland county want to ride trials/street hit me up with a PM

one last question i jsut thougth of.

Will Bedford Uni’s and UDC or other uni vendors have Kiosk like stands where you can buy stuff?

John, if I remember correctly (which is less and less likely all the time), the policy at previous NAUCC events has been that if you are going to be on a unicycle at all, competitive or not, you must be registered. This was for insurance purposes.

Yes, both Bedford and will have vendor’s tables set up in the gym on Saturday and Sunday.

Yes, to sit/ride on a unicycle at all during NAUCC you must be registered - and it is for insurance purposes.

to register on site do i just do it the day i show up?

You can either register when you get there or you can register on-line until July 23. The cost is the same either way, but if you register on-line you won’t have to mess around with it at the registration table and you’ll be able to pay with your credit/debit card.

ok i just wasn’t sure if the fun rides were actually considered part of naucc. also when will the brighton fun muni ride be? and as for kensington i would deffently suggest going there. although i have never been to willow metro park. kensington has around 8 miles of paved bike path. and it has some hills be nothing really extreme. the path goes around a lake so it is mostly gentle turns with a good view. I would also suggest going in island lake park. it is conected to kensington and you get to go in for free from kensington. it has some paved paths and 2 off road trails.
ps kensington cost 3 dollars per car but if you go in from the north you can get in free.

I will host a Disc Golf Random Pairs “Best Disc” workshop on Monday at 11am at the Pioneer High School disc golf course. See here for more details . Here are directions: Take I-94 to Ann Arbor-Saline Rd. exit, head north to a left on Scio Church Rd., park along houses 0.25 mile down on left. Path to #1 is in woods across street.

It’s FREE and anyone is welcome to come play and if no one shows up I’ll play by myself! Win/Win. I’ll bring with extra discs for people to use. Very easy and fun to learn how to play. Just like golf but you use frisbee’s and have chain baskets instead of holes. We’ll play “best disc” in teams so that it is much more fun and fair for everyone. It’ll take about 1-2 hours to play. If anyone else wants to play any other day or time, please let me know cause there are some other courses in the area I would love to check out. If you plan on going, please let me know so I can plan accordingly. My cell phone is 612-240-8786 if it’s during the convention or PM me before NAUCC starts. Thanks.