Naucc 2004 Photos

Finally, the pics from NAUCC 2004 are posted. There are approximately 1800 shots labeled by event. Kristin Crook shared the responsibility of photgraphing events and did an awesome job.

Go to and log in as as the user name and panther as the password & you can see the albums. There are 12 albums for NAUCC 2004.

Let me know how this link works. If it is not satisfactory, I will post my personal link.

Have One Wheelly Wonderful Week,
Alan Tepper

Nice photos, thanks for sharing.


Remember to check out these NAUCC 2004 photos!!
Go to and log in as as the user name and panther as the password & you can see the albums. There are 12 albums for NAUCC 2004.

Re: Naucc 2004 Photos

I cannot log in.

Neither Can I, I’m pretty sure someone changed the password, so now we cant log in, Is there any other way of viewing the pics???


I cautioned Alan Tepper that the method he was using to display the photos was giving edit and delete power to all viewers. I believe he is working on an alternate way to display them. I explained how I do mine:

My NAUCC photos are almost all edited, and I hope to post them real soon. MUni Weekend work is getting in the way… :roll_eyes:

I’ve got the invite links for all of the albums. You’ll need to join Ofoto to be able to see the albums. They just ask for first name, email address, and a password to create an account.

NAUCC 2004 Cameos
NAUCC 2004_Public Show
NAUCC_Track - 1500/800/400
NAUCC 2004 Panther Pride Pool Party
NAUCC 2004_Hockey
NAUCC 2004 Warm-Up/Standard Skill
NAUCC 2004_Artistic Individual
NAUCC 2004_Pairs/Group/Club
NAUCC 2004_Track-Sprints/Relay/Jumping/All Other Events
NAUCC 2004_10K/5K

The pages for Hockey, Track-Sprints…, and 10K/5K say “barf has shared photos with you”, but there is no ‘View Photos’ button to click to view the pics. Any idea what’s up with that?

Yeah, the name has been changed to barf for some of the albums, but I’m still able to load all of the albums and see all of the pictures. Try those albums agains and see if you can get them to load.

I tried again, and it doesn’t work. I looked through the html of one that works and one that doesn’t and the only difference is that the broken ones are missing a line similar to:
{a href=“BrowsePhotos.jsp?showSlide=true&Uc=phv3m9e.mn8v2s2&Uy=mxdbk4&Upost_signin=BrowsePhotos.jsp%3fshowSlide%3dtrue&Ux=0”}{img width=“143” height=“39” border=“0” src=“images/share/view_photos_blue.gif” alt=“View Photos” /}{/a}
which is obviously the buttonlink. Weird.

Does anybody else have this problem?


I am truly disappointed that someone would change the codes and add in, “barf” is sharing the albums with you.

John, you were correct. As old as I am, I still try to believe that people are inherently good. Perhaps I am wrong.

Try this link:

Please let me know if you still have problems & I will try again.
Alan T.

Re: Naucc 2004 Photos

I apologize for changing the name on the albums. It was a typo. I can’t even
type my own name.
I changed the the codes after a period of time to avoid anyone causing problems
with the account, since it is in my name.
Anyone wanting to view the photos, e-mail me at unicyclenews at and I
will send an invitation to you. Although I found John’s post with the
invitations to work fine.
sorry for any inconvenince this as caused any one.
Barb K.