NATS (North American Trials Series) May 16th 2009 Fresno, California, USA

NATS (North American Trials Series)
May 16th 2009 Fresno, California USA

This is an OFFICIAL trials competition with trials bikes and unicycles.
Unicycles will not compete against bikes as common in many other competitions. There will be two unicycle classes, Beginner and Pro. This competition will be “open” which means any wheel size is legal. So 24" competes with 20".

Be there at 8am (Woodward Trials Park) in Fresno, California. After the competition there will be group rides in the trials park. Before and after the comp, I will be organizing rides in world class trials heaven (Downtown Fresno) and Millerton Lake (insane natural trials), possibly Lost Lake if there is time.

Come and meet bike trials riders, and new unicycle riders. Even if you are new at trials this is a place to learn, watch, have a good time, and even compete in the beginner category.

Any questions? email me (JOE Campbell) at
or event organizer JP Sickler at
JP most likely will be busy organizing the event and with the trials course so your best bet is to email me.



is there a sign up or do we just show up and ride?

Well at least we have 880 years to practice up for it! The event isn’t until the year 2889! (According to the poster/pic) :p:p:p

Those are just 0s with dots in the middle. =p

Looks like a great event. I have a show right around that time. Im not sure if its on the 15th or the day of this eventm so ill ahve to check once im back home.

Oh snap! That’s the day before the Strawberry Fields ride! I’d love to come and ride, but I’d hate to show up for a 100km Coker ride with a sprained ankle.

Got any links to Woodward Trials Park? That might be a fun road trip for Corbin and I…

Use the search!! :wink:

There will be sign ups available at 8am before the competition. 25$ for unicyclists. for more more information
and here is a direct link

im there!!!

:angry: me no like trials! :angry: grrr max angry… max kill all world.

Yup…Im there///

HAHA of course you will be there Cody.:slight_smile:
Should be a good competition between you and I.
see you all soon!
its comin up quick in a little over a month

I am going.

sprained ankle? Dont miss out, just compete in beginner and get some ankle protection. you will be fine.

Ya, I should be there

I will do all in my power to make it there, can’t do it without support. we will see if the sponsor can help. otherwise, pretty much no chance,LOL.

support like the kind you get from the 09 TORKER?!!!?

i hope you make it muniryder. you need to teach how to do some of that wicked natural trials i have seen u do.

what do you mean teach you some natural trials?? you can kick my ass at probably any kind of trials. if i was really better than you at natural trials, i probably would have beat you in the trials comp at CMW. I am going to find out right now if i will get any support at all. cuz i can’t afford the trip.

nah bro (muniryder). remember when we were up at cmw at miles house playin around in his backyard and you were goin crazy on the rocks?

yea, and remember how simple and close together the rocks were? you were in what 2nd or 3rd at the trials comp and that was about 90% natural,LOL. i still don’t have the balance nor consistancy that you guys have. and my side hops are about half what yours are. if i can make it down there, you will see,LOL. i am not going to take to much credit for my natural trials,LOL. i don’t think i am all that great. i am working on it though.