Name my unicycle!!!!Pleez!!!

ok, i’ve been trying to come up with a name for my unicycle, but to no avail. i was thinking of a female name, like people name boats,(and so i could make a few jokes.) So submit any good names you can think of!!! thanx in advance!

Name your unicycle Greg Harper.

You might have some trouble explaining the different ways you can mount your “girl.” :confused:

We can’t name your unicycle just like that. We need to know a bit about your unicycle, get to know it… you know what I mean. At very least, tell us what type of uni it is. Also, a pic would help.


that’s where the jokes come in, like, “i think im gonna go home and ride female name .”

it’s a chrome torker w/ a flat frame. like this(ignore the periods)


oooo lala



(Shinny) Suzie

Treat your unicyle with respect. Name it Greg Harper Sir.

Petunia. then you can say"well, I think i’ll go home and ride o’l Petunia, although sometimes she chafes me." sorry for being rude.

My unicycle’s name is Urgal The Destroyer, seriously. and my bikes name is Louanne but I’m selling her. anyway those are my idea’s, please don’t name your uni urgal the destroyer the 2nd!


Why not a boy’s name? That would have an equal or even, depending on the type of community in which you live, more explaining to do! :wink:

I do like Greg Harper… I think that would be a good name.

… Skilgannon the Damned is also good :smiley:

My uni’s name is Humperdink. While it’s not a female name, it suits cause it has a ‘hump’ and a ‘dink’. I’d call yours Ivanna. Because then you can have… Ivanna Tinkle, Ivanna Ride You, Ivanna…

i dunno what really is the point in giving your unicycle a name…i just call my trials unicycle “sweetie”

I vote that you should name it a female name, Greg Harper.




Sue Donem

My unicycle is named Sexcopter

Name it Otis. My unicycle is called Macentosh.