mystery unicycle

I remember a few years ago there was a unicycle on ebay. It looked like an ordinary uni accept it had skateboard trucks and wheels behind it. Does anybody have any idea what I am talking about?

Yep, they’re still on ebay quite often

There is a picture of one on this page about half way down the page.

These used to be sold under the name “Le Run”.

And there is a different one here about half way down the page.

They are called Skate-bikes. I have one if you have any questions.

There were a few different brand names over the years. Some had hand brakes, etc.
Le Run even had a video of people riding them.

I always thought they were kinda hoaky. I recently met a guy who loves them and can ride it quite well.


They just have so dang many extraneous wheels… Must have been invented by the Department of Redundancy Department.

They were really popular in the 80s in Holland and surrounding areas. There were some knockoffs and some lawsuits and stuff like that. They were also marketed as Max Skatebikes (by myself and brother) in Canada but there were too many problems. Skateboard companies changing their standard for trucks didn’t help either. We modified a couple with inline skate wheels and inflateable tires. Those were great fun. I’ve still got a couple.

Why is this the first I’m hearing of this?

(Shamus got his 3" Bedford!)

They sell these at a local “AS SEEN ON TV” place in my town. Very cheap quality. --chirokid–

Yeah, but slap on a pair of “Blue Blocker” sunglasses to go with it, and you’re ridin’ high…

Re: mystery unicycle

not the world’s greatest pic :wink:
take my word for it, the dayglo thing in the middle is a skate bke and i can’t ride it for the life of me
didn’t do to well on the trick-b
ke either coming to think of it…

John Glazer has a Lerun in his garage. We call it the stupidcycle. We’ve never been able to ride it any considerable distance. The fact that it’s falling apart doesn’t help though. I think we’re gonna put it out of its misery in our next video. Probably set it on fire and send it down a hill into the lake. Seems like a fitting end to me.

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>Holland and surrounding areas.

Now that’s a rare location indicator and I like it!

I got to ride one of these contraptions last year when a friend of my
daughter had bought one on a market. Not too difficult but you should
switch off your unicycling reflexes.

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i definatly prefer a good old unicycle

Re: weired…

so young and allready a traditionalist biggot
damn this rap music!


Is it possible that this is the “Barracuda” by Rand “unicycle/bike” with training wheels that "Itsfritz1 " was talking about?


I hate those Skatebikes. GGRRRR! I had a go of one… I dont see the point in them really!

I met the guy who runs XnTRICK cycles at the York rally me and Phil went to. I had a go on his Wobblebike which was fun to ride.

I was looking at this bike, and if you read half way down, it says:
“It must be difficult to ride”:

Apart from people who are too short for it, the only person who couldn’t ride it was a unicyclist who had just done a 1 km sprint, round a velodrome, on a giraffe unicycle, at an BHPC event. I think he was trying tooooo hard!

A giraffe on a Velodrome? Thats cool! I wonder how it was geared! :roll_eyes: