my uni 3d artworks using maya2015 software

Brilliant! Thanks for sharing :smiley:

wow, nicely done… and great attention to detail! :sunglasses:

Wow, awesome stuff!

There really needs to be more unicycle art…

Movies about unicycling
Poems about unicycling
Songs about unicycling
Symphonies about unicycling
Piano sonatas about unicycling
Paintings/visual art about unicycling

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very nice! it looks so real!


Wow! Amazing.

There are actually quite a few on this forum. Here’s a good one that I just found, courtesy of Oscar Wilde and some dude in New Jersey.

Woah, awesome poem alert.

Those are amazing. Looks like you didn’t completely model the real unicycle; your spoke pattern is not sustainable. :astonished:

wow thanks for the comment. well actually i did research on how to build a wheel. but maybe i still got it wrong though, i mean i misunderstood the pattern.

How much time did it take you to model all these details?

it took me approximately 3 months to finish that unicycle