My Torker's Sweet New Paint Job

I decided I wanted to paint my Torker LX, and do a good job of it.

I started last Thursday. Me and John (Schmidty563) sanded my frame down (a pain) and went to buy paint, primer, and clearcoat w/ my dad. John helped me prime the frame and seatpost, and sand everything paintless.

I then primed and painted all my parts (because John had to go on a trip). I did most of it, but my dad helped me a bit w/ the taping.

The color scheme is red and sliver. I think it turned out quite nicely and I’m pleased about all the work I put into it (many, many hours).

I think if you ever want to paint your uni, it’s good to prime, paint, and finish it properly. I used 6 light coats of primer, 3-5 coats of paint (thin too), and 2 thin coats and 1 thick coat of clear-coat.
Thin coats dry fast and don’t drip, so they look sweet.

I used pinstriping tape (and a sliver base coat) to get the desired effect:

Here’s some pix:

The happy owner:

The Finished Product:

Frame Closeup:

See below:

Frame Closeup:

Priming in my home-made paint booth:


And finally, about to assemble:


Your hard work certainly paid off. Nice job!


NICE, i wish I had the time and money to do that to my torker, and also, are those new cranks because I don’t see one scratch on them…

Haha, thanks

It wasn’t too much money: about $35 for supplies
It was quite a bit of time though (1-2 hours each day for 5-6 days)

The cranks are quite beat up, and there are scratch-dent things in them, but I sanded and painted them silver, so they look brand new (especially w/ the clear coat)

That really dressed it up!!! Looks good:D

That looks very aweosme… ive always wanted a maroon uni… with some cool design… yours is really awesome


Look peeps, you got it all wrong, its ALL about the Jail House Summit…

summit1 015.jpg

both very pimped out…


That has got to be the best torker I have ever seen. Sorry Evan, your’s is sweet too, but ColDawG wins hands down.

Here is spencers newly painted frame. Masked by spencer and sprayed by evan. (this is spencer but it wont let me log out)

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ColDawG…you did it right and the results show.

The pinstriping is retro, almost art-deco in style.

Congrats - it’s a beauty !

Is there realy a Spencer? or does only Evan see him?

I think your on to something