My Torker's Sweet New Paint Job

Those are pretty cool Evan and Spence, thanks for the thread jack :wink: jk.
It’s always fun painting unis.
Now, did you guys use primer and clearcoat too, or just paint?

On my summit(evan) i Usd rust-o-leum Black gloss and white gloss, and primer, spencer used black gloss and primer.

Re: My Torker’s Sweet New Paint Job


You could be the referee in a uni basketball game!

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> Look peeps, you got it all wrong, its ALL about the Jail House Summit…
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dude nice finishing up on everything
i wish i could hav been there to get some credit of those awesome pin stripes, but sanding and priming was fun and hard enough for me to help with
the clearcoat looks awesome
i wanna see that up close wen u get back on monday
see u then

what did you use to paint it? an air brush(?)?

Yes there really is a Spencer. I’ve seen him.

sweet jorb home spray :smiley:

i just used spray paint
it was this Duplicolor auto body paint and it had this SWEET nozzle that required a lot less push to spray than conventional nozzles, PLUS it came out in either a verticle or horizontal fan spray (you can adjust it)
and they were only like 4-5 bucks a can.

Hmmmm. (rubbing my chin) So you say you have seen him too. Very interesting.

I have seen him too:D

Nah, Guys…Its all a joke, Litldude2 is my other Username, I faked him. And that person tim saw on my web cam is actuly another frind i have, Gabe.