My shoulder hurts. Quite a lot.

After reading the “I smashed my elbow” thread, I decided to wear elbow pads today, which I normally don’t.
…and then I fell, hard, on my left elbow.
Which, as luck would have it, pushed the elbow pads up on my upper arm as my elbow flesh got scraped across main street. But, the pad took the impact, so nothing major with the elbow.
But my left shoulder hurts. On my back, where my shoulder blade sticks out…a bit below my actual shoulder.
I fell about 15 minutes ago. Now I’m starting to get pins and needles in my shoulder, wierd tingling feelings. And it still hurts.
I’m a bit hesitant to say how much it hurts. It’s nothing unbearable at all, and normally I’d say it didn’t feel bad at all, but that’s what I said when I messed up my ankle and ripped a tendon in half.
So, is this normal?
I suppose I should just see if it gets any better in an hour or so, but I was just looking for an excuse to post another thread.

keep moving you shoulder never let it rest or it will cramp

Dont whine, take a warm bath, and I personatly wouldn’t stick pins in my shoulder if it hurt :roll_eyes:

Sounds like you may have pinched a nerve or somehing. If it doesn’t start to feel better relatively soon, be sure to have a professional look at it.

Interesting that you took a hard elbow fall right after putting on elbow protection. This goes along with all the “evidence” Just zis guy was pushing in the Helmets thread…

I suppose you ask your doctor for unicycling advice?

I like this, made me laugh. Just a habit, I suppose.

John Foss, I see your point. Still haven’t made up my mind.
I certainly don’t think that wearing elbow pads caused this fall–I was learning a new trick where the foot position inhibited my ability to run out of a UPD.
However, would I have taken this fall had I not been wearing elbow pads? Probably not, as I would probably not have tried this 50 times in a row had I not been wearing pads.

my shoulder blade has been hurting, too, but not from a specific fall. every once in a while while riding long distances, my shoulder blade hurts really bad, and it’s very sudden almost like a bad cramp. it only lasts a minute. i should probably stretch before unicycling long distances…does anyone already do this?

oh yeah, I get the shoulder blade tingly feeling… I never thought much of it. stretching should help.

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