My seat keeps turning when I'm on it.

Ok I searched, and nothing came up. So anyways, I tightened my seat as much as humanly possible, and it still slides. If I’m not on it, it won’t slide at all. But when I get on it and my weight is in effect, if I twist any way (like when I fall off), it’ll twist with me.

Is there anyway to fix this. Someone told me I should try coating it with something that gives the seat more grip to the metal, but I don’t know if that would work.

thats right, it shouldn’t take much, but you need to “shim” it somehow.

what unicycle are you riding? (can you have the wrong seatpost in the unicycle?)

a peice of sandpaper that will fit almost all the way around the seatpost should do the trick.

I have the Torker Unistar LX 20-inch

yeah, just try the sandpaper, anything really will work. if you are wary of sandpaper, i’m pretty sure regular paper will work, or anything like that… just to fill the gap as much as possible…

it’s not incorrect post size, in fact the fit is pretty tight (at least on my lx it is). the lx just has a really crappy seat post clamp.

when I was learning, I would have to readjust the seat everytime I fell because it would be twisted sideways by hitting the ground. just try to tighten it as much as possible, and learn to catch your uni with one of your free hands when you fall.

Doe the lx have a quick release clamp? Might be worth considering switching to a double bolt clamp, bit more of a hassle i know but you should be able to set it once and for all.

Take the post off, put it in a lathe, and knurl it. Problem solved.

Well I tried to put tape and also sandpaper on it, but there is not enough room for it. It won’t fit in the frame unless I have nothing on it, not even a little bit of tape. Is there some kind of gel or something that will cause it to stick?

Zfreak220: Yea that’s the problem I’m having.

Kington99: Its 2 bolts, not a quick release that I have.

Borg: I dont have that much money.

just by a new seat post clamp because it sounds like the rubber seal in yours has worn away. This happened on my bike, my advice is just get a new seat post clamp at your lbs.

ductape. works miracals.

What kind do you think would be best? I was looking at the Primo Viking Seat Post Clamp

yeah that looks good or you could go for this its a kris holm seat post clamp so its not going to break anytime soon. Just make sure you get one that fits.

yea. if your going that route then get the kris holm.

Yea but in the text it says “These clamps will only fit the Aluminium KH frames”. So doesn’t that mean it wouldn’t work with mine?

Go to a high school manufacturing class and ask if they can do it for you.

99% chance they will do it free.

The Torker LX has a 25.4-mm (1-inch) diameter seat post so get a clamp designed to fit that size of seat post. The Kris Holm Is designed to fit a 27.2mm seat post so won’t fit.

Look at getting the Primo Viking Seat Post Clamp or the Nimbus Allen Bolt style clamp.

Don’t get talked into buying a new KH unicycle piece by piece (not yet anyway)


If none of this advice works and it keeps spinning, consider exorcism. My bet is on a better clamp though, also check if there is too much grease on the post.

everyone likes a tight…

ok seriously who said the stupid thing about the rubber seal? a double bolt clamp doesnt have any type of rubber seal and neither do frames/seatposts.

If the seatpost is the right size for the frame then tighten it harder. If its not the right size then put some ductape round the seatpost till it is / get some aluminium from a coke can and shim it.

if its the clamp that is screwy get a new one, but a 25.4mm one so not a KH/koxx/onza one.

everyone likes a tight…

ok seriously who said the stupid thing about the rubber seal? a double bolt clamp doesnt have any type of rubber seal and neither do frames/seatposts.

lol it was me who said that because some seat post clamps do come with a rubber seal so that the seat post grips and stays in place better like the one on my mtb, now since ive never had a torker i wouldnt know what the clamp was like :stuck_out_tongue: so sorry if ive caused some confusion :thinking: but i would still advise getting a new seat post clamp.

I’ve never heard of a clamp with a rubber seal in my 14 years of cycling.