My Radial 360 - It's beautiful isn't it?

I’ve added a couple small upgrades since the last photoshoot. I just can’t stop taking pictures of this thing!

Next up are some blue pedals and maybe a new saddle.

Trek 6i

A lovely uni you got there I want a coker soooo bad!

That is one Hot unicycle lol.:smiley:

That’s nice! The only thing I would change would be the saddle, and go with the KH fusion freeride. I’ve ridden on the best air saddles, including the ultra expensive Wallis, and of course your standard banana boat that you have, but for me the KH FF is by far the most comfortable for the long haul!

I like the Primo seatpost clamp. It is so appropriate for a 36er. I call it “The Big 1”. :smiley:

Hahaha thanks for the compliments guys :slight_smile:

Yea, when I do get a new saddle, it’ll be the KH fusion freeride; I’ve heard a lot of good things about that saddle

Yea the quick-adjust clamp that came on the Radial wasn’t quick cutting it…so I kicked it up a notch haha.

EDIT: kinda weird how i started both of those statements with “yea” isn’t it?

I’m also happy to hear that at least somebody is happy with the steel rim! I think the weight difference is minimal since the steel is only single walled vs the double walled alum. And as you say, the few extra ounces won’t be too noticeable since the overall weight difference is negligible. And if I don’t get the T7, mine will likely be even lighter than the same uni with an airfoil Plus a T7. I just wish they would make those spokes stainless as standard feature, and not as an upgrade.

That would be nice.

I can’t really comprehend why anyone wouldn’t want the T7 to be honest with you lol. The 19 mile unithon wouldn’t have felt the same with out it. It takes some getting used to, but once you’re comfortable holding on with two hands, it helps tremendously; especially when you become really tired. The best part of it, however, as mentioned by many, is that you can lift yourself off the seat to ease saddle soreness on long rides.

Yeah I hear ya, I guess it’s a personal preference, but for me, when I get saddle fatigue, I either stand-up pedal for a while (this is good 'cause it also gives me a chance to stretch my legs!:slight_smile: ), or I can push down on the regular lift handle to relieve the area and maybe re-position my self, which works just fine for me, or of course, take some rest stops every now & then. But yeah, I can sure see how many would still really like that T7.

Handles like the T7 get in the way if you want to do Coker muni. You can’t bend down as far when ducking under branches and the handle just gets in the way at other times as well.

I have what I call the JC Coker Handle on my Coker and when I go muni with the Coker I take the handle off. Way cool that the JC Coker Handle is removable.

Wow that’s really cool looking, and I especially love that you don’t have to mount it under the seat and on the rail adapter!!! How could I get one of these for a 25.4 seat post?

Shim it as necessary. My GB4 Coker frame uses a 25.4mm seatpost. The JC Coker Handle is mounted to the frame though and not the seatpost. A little minor shimming with cloth hockey tape was all that was necessary to get it to fit.

I wouldn’t think overall weight would matter too much but what matters is where the weight is. Having a heavy seat/post will have a different effect as having a heavy rim with more rotating weight. I don’t have a 36er but that would make sense.

That is pretty sweet man. I don’t do coker muni so its not really a problem for me. I don’t think it’d be the best idea to take the steel rim onto rough muni terrain anyhow.

Where the weight is does make a difference. Put a full water bottle on the T7 and try doing some tight turns and slalom turns. The extra weight of the water hanging out in front affects the turning behavior. It’s like holding heavy weights in your hands with your arms outstretched from your body. Hold the weights close to your body and turning is easier. Hold the weight away from your body and turning is more sluggish and labored. So where the weight is does make a difference.

When I first built up the JC Coker Handle I had water bottles mounted on the handle boom. I quickly discovered that I didn’t like the weight of the water hanging out there like that. So now I carry a hydration pack or hydration bum bag instead of carrying the water on the handle extension.

I plagurized the JC Coker Handle and made the Steveyo Radial Handle.


How tall are you? That looks as low as the seat will go!

Not how tall, but how short…:D.

I’m 5 feet, 6 AND ONE QUARTER inches! (Note the emphasis!)

The seat was just about at it’s lowest, and was probably a bit too low. Now w/125mm cranks, the seat is up level with the handles, maybe 2 inches higher.

Do you prefer that TA tire to the coker, or is it just that a new coker tire was unavailable? Is the TA heavier than the coker, as far as you know? It just seems like a more massive tire overall.

I’ve only ridden a Coker tire a couple times. The TA is heavy, but it’s what inspired my sig line “…like having your own personal rollercoaster…”

It’s nice and rounded. You can swoop and curve and carve up the pavement with more ease than all but a few tires (the 29" BA 2.3 is the only other one that feels similar). I’d say unequivocally that the TA tire is “like butta”.