My Quax Cranks Wobble (and i cant tighten em any more)

Well, i was talking to some guys here about my cranks wobbling, i finally got vid of it. Its getting a little annoying. Ive tried and tried to tighten them, but the bolt wont go any farther into the axel. If anyone knows how to actually make it work, or any such advice, please respond. (once again, NO, i CANNOT tighten them ANYMORE), the cranks are the replacements that UDC gave me since my other cranks were far too long, thankyou.

video of my cranks, since it gets annoying. (with commentary!)

I also HIGHLY doubt its suposed to do that…


Is it old style 10 spline cranks on an ISIS axle? Vice-versa?

Whatever it is there is something drastically wrong with the interface.

I hope you haven’t riden it like that, you should be able to get them replaced.

When they sent you replacement cranks, did they send you different (longer) crank bolts? The cranks should be ALL the way on. Maybe you need shorter crank bolts? I would NOT ride on it like that, you’ll break it.

I’m not familiar with ISIS cranks, but perhaps they sent you the new ISIS cranks…which would not work with your 10 spine hub (which is what I’m assuming you have).

Well, Yes, your right on the 10 spine with ISIS, this is sort of it, but with the isis cranks, or whatever its called, without the bolt in em.

Ive ridden this set for a little under a year (since about august last year, til present). I dont think it used to do it really, and i have no clue what happened. They used to be REALLY tight on the axel, now their like… THAT vid. It’s been that way since all of winter, probably longer. I’ve only started to really get annoyed now. I’m guessing (although i cant remember) that it did that last year too…

I’ll go fiddle with it again probably. But when i sent back the cranks, i sent the box with them, the box that said all the specs. I havent broken it, or think im totaly near it really, Its not bent or anything. Ive done a lot of stuff, and it still holds like a tank.

Yea it looks like the two parts do not have matching interfaces.

One, either the hub or cranks are most likely not ISIS.

Can you take a picture of the hub splines and a picture of your crank splines?

It looks to me as if your are trying to put ISIS cranks on a non ISIS hub.

Yup, already did. When i first put the cranks on, they were actually too small for the axel, it took a bit of working to get them on.


Hub, and cranks

crank spline

Axel Spline, side view, other pics didnt turn out.

10 spline hub.
ISIS cranks.

ISIS hub and cranks taper, looks like your hub does not.
Sorry buddy.

Well, i dont know what to do… UDC sent me these, its all their problem, i dont want to blame anyone, but they were suposed to send me the shorter ones back, they should have saw on the box. Its my problem for riding it. I guess i could either try and get a new wheel set for discount (highly doubt it), ride it til it breaks (doubt it’ll break anytime soon), or ride it, and buy another uni.

refer to my signature of madison for how i feel at the moment.

just because you rode what they sent you, does not mean they dont have to fix the problem. As long is it was infact their mistake.

The qu-ax ISIS bearings are blue, his aren’t. Just to further confirm that he doesn’t have an ISIS hub.

ISIS Qu-ax:


Compared to the ISIS interface (disregard the fact that its red):

The ISIS spline axle is a lot shorter.

okay, all in all proving hub to crank misscommunication, i dont know what to do. My mom thinks i’d seem like an ass and piss people off if i asked for some sort of recovery, or whatever to fix the problem. i dont know, i dont even know if (about 9 months later) they would refund/exchange stuff for me. I dont even really care about it, i dont have money to spend to get a different wheel set, or time really to do anything with it.

what shall i do?

Tell them that with the help of others you’ve determined that they sent you the wrong cranks and ask for the correct ones? Who cares if you sound like an ass, you might as well try.

kay, thanks :slight_smile:

That hub is the older non ISIS hub. Your’s is 10 spline, and isnt ISIS 11 spline?

If you have been riding w/ it like that the splines on both the hub and that crank are prob toast.

Try puting them back on w/ the axle bolt as tight as possible w/ a tourque wrench (I believe the max is 65 ft lbs). I don’t know how tight the crank bolt can go, but w/ that on to the max as well. Be aware of frequently tightening them to the max, the bolt head may shear off.

If you can no longer feel it wobble while riding you should be fine. If it ever starts to wobble again, imediately clean the threads w/ alcohol, then tighten it back up, possibly w/ locktight.

If your crank still wobbles after everything is tight you need a new hub and cranks. Save your money for new ones and put up w/ it as long as you can.

Putting the wrong cranks back on is a terrible idea. Have UDC replace them, its not your fault they sent you the wrong crank and that you didn’t know enough at the time to tell them they made a mistake.

My bad. I was thinking those cranks were not ISIS (his hub definately isn’t).

So, at the minimum, you need 10 spline cranks

Yes, those are the cranks i HAD, they were far too long (my pedals actually touched the ground when turning lol), i sent them back, and got the ones i have currently. I’ll shoot em off an email, if i DO get them back and stuff, i’ll probably paint my rim and frame if i ship em off, or get new ones. THAT, or i’ll buy a kh wheel set, or just a kh uni. I have absolutely no money to spend really. I have 100 or so to spend towards gear, and thats pretty much it. Thats also with sponsorship from 661, im depending on that sponsorship for gear. I really just wanna buy a diff uni, and paint it some color.

The non-ISIS qu-ax cranks have pinch bolts near the axle, the ISIS ones do not.



yeah, but my set is 46 or 48, whatever the quax hub can hold. I have like 48 i think, the kh is 36, i need smaller rim. I might just buy a whole diff wheel set>

Note: i do not have a quax frame, i have a nimbus II. no matter than, i think i jsut may buy a new uni