My Nimbus 36" arrived!

My new Nimbus 36" arrived today.

Wow it is huge!

I had to cut quite a lot off the seat post, but I managed to avoid rushing putting it together and was soon out in the street trying it out. I will fit all the brake parts another time.

It is a vey different thing to use than my Kris Holm XC24", free mounting it is a challenge, but I am getting there.

Even turning is taking a bit of getting used to, but just riding along is really smooth.

I am planning a proper ride on it later, once I have practiced a few more freemounts.


Wow, very cool! I too plan to order a Nimbus 36 as soon as I get back from vacation. I also am now riding a KH 24.

Which crank arm length did you get the 125 or the 150? 12 or 14 spoke? I don’t know if I will order a brake…

Maybe you can help me with my choices.


It is the standard UK spec, with 36 x 12 gauge spokes, and 152mm cranks.

I am just back from my first ride on it. I was out for about 4 miles, and it took 1/2 an hour. I managed to free mount about five times when I was out, and I made it first time each time. I even managed a couple of short steep hills with out stopping.

First impressions are very good, with a bit more practice I think I will get a bit faster and smoother.


I forgot to say, going down a couple of mild hills today, I felt the momentum of the wheel keeping me going quite fast, so I think the brake will be fitted soon.


Awesome. I love both my 36er and 29er. I actually ride the same kind of terrain on both - long distance and muni. But the 29er is better in the mud, it’s lighter, and easier to hop on (and less high to fall from). The 36er averages a faster speed and feels wonderfully smooth.

I’ve kitted both out with a T7 handle, which I felt I wanted to add once I started doing longer distances. I fitted a calliper brake to the 29er but I’m still fine-tuning that.

wow, I’m jealous… :stuck_out_tongue:

so from order to delivery how many days was that???

I’m very anxieous as im sure you can relate to…

It should of been six days, I missed the delivery the first day.


Yeah, UDC UK must be wayyy better than UDC US…

Most people here over in the US are taking around 3 weeks to get theres… :frowning:

Aren’t you guys lucky!

I ordered the Nimbus 36 Deluxe from UDC back on May 15 and received it on May 18, just 3 days later! And that’s with the custom built airfoil rim, ss spokes, etc.

UDC rocks!

To be fair, I guess we also have a smaller country to move stuff across! :wink:

!!! :astonished:

Just to ship to me takes longer than that…like seven days…you’re so lucky.

Are all the wheels built in the same place or is it possible for UDC UK to have an excess and UDC US to be behind in 36" wheel orders? :thinking: